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  1. I'd like to order the correct cable to get my AppRadio3 working with the iPhone6. Can anyone give me a link to the correct cable or will any generic HDMI to the newer iPhone smaller jack work fine? Or does it have to be Apple-digital spec or something weird? I have been out of the loop since my vehicle is stored winters, but will the iPhone6 even work with a AppRadio3? Is the HDMI port in the back of the APPRadio a standard TV HDMI size? Mike
  2. Thanks for the tip... is there a link to/Part Number for the actual full cable setup that I would need? I thought it might be just a Pioneer CD-IU52 cable, but it sounds like I have to pull the radio out and work backwards from there, and what I have now for the iPhone4/4S I remove totally? As an aside... on Pioneer's web site they only claim compatibility with up to/including iPhone5/5S but no mention of iPhone6/6S or even IOS 8.x. Does anyone have an iPhone6 actually working with the AppRadio3, and by working I mean GPS, Bluetooth, etc., all the major features?
  3. My setup is working just fine, but I just got an iPhone6, wondering what cables are needed to be changed? I'd rather not use that Apple white adapter, I'm hoping I just need to swap the cables from the USB? pigtail that runs rom the radio to the iPhone4 with a pigtail that has the iPhone6 connector on it. Give me an Amazon link if you can, and thanks in advance! Mike
  4. OK, well thats a start. I'm a believer in trying to use the tested support parts with real parts numbers. What is the part number and where can I find the cable online? I looked on Amazon and there were warnings that not all cables have the ability to carry video through a iPhone6 cable, all they'll do is charge the phone.
  5. Before I get totally frustrated, I need some help/advice. My AppRadio has pretty much been working fine with my iPhone4 but two weeks ago I made the switch to iPhone6 and now I need the (correct) cable to interface the AppRadio SPH-DA210 to the iPhone6. Obviously I have the iPhone4 cable which I don't know if it comes apart only from the back of the radio or in the middle. Is there a part number for the iPhone6 cable and as an aside, is there any advantage/disadvantage to using an old iPhone4 that is deactivated and jailbreak it? I mainly use GPS Drive and the phone in the car but I've hea
  6. I have the App, but I seem to be having a problem with navigation. I can be at a (known) given location 75 miles from home, plug in Go Home and the calculation appears. The map shows my progress as I drive home, but the sequence of turns, distance to turns, distance to home and ETA never appears. The route list seems locked on the right even though the vehicle on the map is shown as moving. I also hear no vocal guidance even though I paid for it and have it installed. There are no instructions that I can find in the manual that tell you how to trigger the start of the navigation process.
  7. OK, this past weekend I took the truck out of storage, been there since Thanksgiving. The battery had gone dead a couple months back so I installed a Battery Minder. So I think the settings on the radio are screwed up. Can't figure out how to get the "Other" selection, it keeps defaulting to the iPhone5 when I'm using an iPhone4. Anyone have a clue as to how to get the settings to show "Other"? Can't find a manual LOL. I'm also seriously thinking of bringing the truck to a audio shop to check my install. I cannot for the life of me get it to not use too much bass. My system sounded g
  8. Is it just me or is it kind of weird that _NOBODY_ has any interest in custom background screens anymore?
  9. Its not available... YET, but hold the fort! I sent an email to their support team to ask if I was missing something in the setup and surprisingly got an email back the same day! They explained that Heads-Up is not available right now, but if they get enough interest it'll be put on a list of user-requested improvements. As a long-time boater who has used a variety of GPS units, Radars, and Loran... I got very used to Heads-Up directions on the screen. Most automotive GPS units also offer Heads-Up options, and I find it weird watching my travel on the screen go sideways, diagonal, or wh
  10. Has anyone figured out how to add a custom background wallpaper on a AppRadio3 with an iPhone4/4s? I've created the wallpaper image, gone into the AppRadio app and "added" a "Background.png" file, but there's no apparent way to "open" the file which is what the instructions I read said to do. Seems very weird that it works for AR2 but not AR3? Something to do with firmware maybe?
  11. OK... I followed these instructions to the letter. Here's how to add a custom background image to your AppRadio as suggested by Mike DeCaro (@mikedecaro). I have confirmed this and it works as seen in the picture above. Find a suitable background image you'd like to use with your AppRadio. (Done - Created the image below in Photoshop) Adjust the size of the image to 800x480 resolution. (Done) Save/convert the image file to a Portable Network Graphics or PNG image (you can do this in Preview on a Mac in the Save options). (Done) Rename the image file to "Background.png" without the q
  12. Made this one today, but I haven't mastered the technique of actually installing it on my AR3:     And yes... its in my Supercharged 2001 SVT Lightning.  Trying to figure out how to "open" the file.   Mike
  13. I created a new background image on my mac in photoshop, resolution 800 X 400, saved it as a PNG, went into the AppRadio app and added the file then sync'd the iPhone to my iMac, but i see no button to "Open" it as described in Mike's instructions. Is there a sync option for the AppRadio 3 in the menu? Shouldn't it sync automatically when I plug it in?
  14. Actually got it working before I saw this video... Matt from MicroBypass walked me thru it. The menu system is one of the worst I've ever seen. But thank you for that video... that would've saved _me_ a lot of grief LOL. I still do have some questions: 1. Is there any way to bypass all the BS screens when you turn the key on? IOW, turn the key on and have the regular icon menu appear with your phone connected? 2. Also, the long interface cable has a USB in the middle. Then there's a second short USB. Do they both function as the same thing if a USB stick was inserted? 3. C
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