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  1. Wow... I did not even know that this device can spell street names, my F9310BT never did that. Can anybody share these extended TTS voices? I am especially interested in the German one.
  2. OK, found the answer. Condi's Hackmode contains the scripting test mode, want I needed was the developer "super test mode", TESTMODE.KEY can be found here
  3. Hi, I bought a used car with a F9310BT which seems to be the Volkswagen version of the F930BT. I want to do a complete backup and was looking for a way to get into testmode/ service mode (is this the same?) I downloaded "Condi's HACKMODE v1.4 BASE - INSTALL VIA TESTMODE.zip" and was able to get into service mode and I can select files and folders, but I don't have a "COPY" button, see image: Any idea why? Thanks for any hints, Oliver
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