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Found 4 results

  1. I recently installed a new 8500NEX and had no problems setting up the WiFi connection for both my and my wife’s iPhones. Last week, my phone died and was replaced with a new one. After performing the restore, the 8500 network credentials were still in the phone, but it wouldn’t connect to the HU. It has a check mark next to the 8500 in the network list, so it seems as if it’s connected, but it’s not. I figured it was because of the different MAC address of the new phone so I had it “forget” the network, reset the 8500 password and RE-joined the 8500. Still won’t connect (as far as CarPlay is c
  2. Does anyone know if you can connect the 8000NEX in any way to a WIFI signal? I know it will use the data connection on your phone. However, i want to connect a more perminate data source to the head unit. like a cellular WIFI hotspot, onstar 4g lte data ect. If the unit will not do it does anyone know of a compatiable add-on? Thanks Joe
  3. Okay guys, here is my situation. I would love some suggestions if you have any on how to make this work. I just ordered my 8000NEX, it will be replacing my Z2 with hard drive and Z3 software update.<-- ($For sale$) In my truck connected to the Z2 I have the following: -Sprint 4g Internet Hotspot (to provide dedicated internet and streaming media for passengers when traveling on trips) -Hardwired (power only) Apple Airport Extreme router -Hardwired (power only) Apple TV with HDMI to RCA conversion unit to AV input. -Backup Camera connected to Rear Camera input. -Will have the HD
  4. Since there isn't any fix in sight for the Appradio2, does anybody know if , you had an iPod touch connected to your Andriod's Wifi (as a Mobile Hotspot) and connected to to the Appradio2, would it work? So basiclly your circumventing the Andoid issues by using an "i" product which has a ton more apps and seems to be working, but not going to an iPhone. We have been left for dead with everybody pointing their fingers at each other, I was hoping this would enable us to have a functional radio while we wait..... Thoughts plz..
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