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  1. Hello everyone,I introduce myself Samuel and I work for the firm Garmin Express Updater Let me introduce you to What is Garmin Express updater?Garmin Express updater is computer software used to update maps and device software by downloading and installing the latest versions on to the device. Because these updates are released by Garmin several times a year and need to be installed to get up to date.Garmin Map Updates – As we know Map updates provide the latest changes to roads and locations on the map in the navigation device. The map files are large because they contain detailed informati
  2. Hello All of a sudden on Saturday, my Avic-8200NEX won't load the navigation anymore. For some reason I cant attach the picture I took, but the message says: "Map initialization error - cannot open the available map files with your license" I reset the settings and then updated to the latest firmware, but I still get this error. I believe it is a perpetual license so I dont know why it would have stopped working. Has anyone ever seen this issue before? Thanks, Steve
  3. I've got a brand new W8500 installed in my 2008 Toyota 4Runner. Overall, it's great, with one major exception. The GPS can take 10-15 minutes or more to track my location. I first noticed this when using Wireless CarPlay. My location would be wildly incorrect. At first, I thought there was an issue with my phone, but I then realized I was experiencing the issue with the built-in navigation. That confirms that when connected wirelessly, the phone uses the 8500's GPS instead of the built-in GPS chip. Which would be fine, if the 8500's GPS actually tracked my location quickly enough. This morning
  4. Just had the 8200nex installed in my 2016 jeep wrangler. Had it done at best buy with maestro and everything is working except that I have no sound when Im using the navigation. Doesn't matter what app I use or if I use the head unit's navigation. Wondering if this is a hardware issue or if the installer maybe didn't hook it up right. Or maybe it is something silly that I don't know to look at it. Has anyone had this issue? Ive tried everything. Searched this site and google and can't find anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I have the problem below where the DVD only plays CD and reverse camera, volume up and down works but screen has that on it. Please assist me with a solution. Has had this problem for over 5 months.
  6. Navigation from AVIC is available for SPH-DA120 (AppRadio4) for update questions, write to PM
  7. Hi, I have the 7200NEX and when you select MAPS it says iGO loading and then it closes. Everything else with the unit is working well. How can I fix this issue? Where is the SD card located? Are there any step by step instructions? Thank you for the help! - Matthew
  8. I have too many POIs on my NEX-8200 navigation screen. How can I remove them? Never mind, I see that they are called "place markers" in the menu.
  9. Hello, need some help with the installation of IGO8 EDIT: I came to a point where I got IGO8 started via the app menu. But it won't find any gps signal and it closes the app when the car restarts. Any help for these problems? To clear things up. (F320bt V.: 1.0000) The steps I did: 1. Changed the applib.dll to the modded one via testmode 2. I have put that app package on the sd card. 3. Downloaded IGO8 + maps and copied it on the sd card. 4. Made sure that the IGOlauncher uses the right path of the IGO8.exe (opened the .mscr data with notepad++ and edited the first shown path)
  10. Hello everyone! I have installed today an F77DAB in my 2011 Mazda 3, with steering wheel remote control harness from Pioneer. Installation process was smooth, every connection is correctly made. My big issue is with the integrated navigation app (iGo). Every time want to start it, the screen shows "iGo is loading" (something like that) and comes back to the main screen and nothing happens. The unit came with latest firmware update (version 1.03). I would also like to mention that I have checked the GPS signal and it is good (varies between 2 and 3 bars). Can anyone help? (Now I realized
  11. I'm going to be buying a NEX7000 for my Ford Mustang. I read the official bypass post, and I've seen that it brings success; however, I've only seen it allow you to watch a DVD while driving. Does it let you put in addresses into the navigation while you are driving as well? I know without the bypass it doesn't allow you to do this and I don't want to pull over every time I need to put in an address. Also, has MirrorLink come out with firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S5 yet? Thanks guys.
  12. I recently purchased a map update from Naviteq. Actually, Naviteq has re-branded itself to HERE maps. Here is my conundrum: When I insert the SD card that contains the update, the AVIC-Z140BH prompts me for my Pioneer Password, which is needed before installation can continue. I tried my Bluetooth password: it did not work. I tried my AVIC-Z140BH security password: it did not work. I have talked to the licensed installer that I bought the system from; they had no clue. I have talked to HERE maps; they sent me to the site www.pioneernavigationupdate.com The model AVIC Z140BH
  13. Newbie to Pioneer NAV. I just installed a NEX5000 into the wife's Handicap accessible minivan. Replaced the factory radio and the external Garmin. (We've had Garmin's since 06) Best Buy sold me on the Car Play instead of using a Kenwood like I have in all my other vehicles. Anyway, years and years ago I installed Pioneers and I got this one installed and it looks great. The Car Play took a little setup since out of the box the HU was on 1.03 and I had to dig around and realize that I had to upgrade to 1.08. Once I did that I got the Car Play to work. My questions are: 1. Can I impor
  14. I'm looking for a replacement Pioneer AVIC-D3 navigation disc; or to download software: DVD Europe DVD Carte de l'europe - Version 1.0 CNDV-70DX (west). Disc got damaged (with deep scratch) when removing from unit, as got stuck with another disc in slot. I'd disconnected car battery to charge it; forgot I'd left CD in unit, so mistakenly inserted nav.disc to reset unit. I'm now getting this message: "route calculation was not possible." Can anyone have pity on me and rush me a copy or reliable link to replace nav. disc? I'll be ever so grateful.
  15. Once you have saved a location in navigation on the 8000Nex how do you delete the saved location? Cant seem to find the delete option…..
  16. Instruction for the AVIC-X850BT has me connecting the pink (car speed signal input) to the vehicle's speed detection circuit for the navigation to be accurate. How bad will the navigation be if I don't do this?
  17. Hi, I purchased this unit used without any wire harnesses or sd card. After getting the rca and power harnesses, i finally hooked it up. It powers on, but the screen goes blank. So I figure I need the sd card with the firmware update, but I do not know which version is already on it. So I started with the latest version 4.0, however at 43% It gives me the error code "Code 112 Copying error:|StorageCard|LPUE080|APL2|iGo|ScanSoft|RealSpeakSolo|SPEECH|components|vf_nanna_r40_83swf11_110_..." can't see the rest. So I thought maybe i needed an older version to begin with. So I reformatted the
  18. Hi I recently bought the last App Radio 2 in a store for a smaller price as it was the demo unit and discontinued. I have it install in my Pontiac Vibe. I use an iPhone 5S that is provided by my employer, so I cannot root/jailbreak it for obvious reasons... I can jailbreak the App Radio tho , but I'm not sure if it is to get it better... When I bought it, the seller which probably never used one other than on the display unit, told me I could do navigation with the Map apps and that the iPod functionality should work even when I will upgrade to an iPhone 5s. Both assumptions proved to
  19. I live in Dubai (Middle East) and had my car imported from the US and it came with the F900BT and found it reasonably satisfying all my needs except with FM and Navigation. I have two questions: Question 1: The FM Frequencies available are in odd number like 100.1, 100.3, 100.5, 100.7, 100.9 etc but here in Dubai we have stations on all frequencies like 100.1, 100.4, 100.5 etc (even number also) I'm wondering if there is anyway to make it work with even number, maybe installing the european firmware or something like this. Question 2: The same question stands for maps. I ha
  20. Good Afternoon to the East Coasters... I have the Pioneer AVIC-X940BT. What's the deal with the cheesy looking "birds eye view" look on the GPS Navi Display? I have a garmin in my other car and it looks much nicer with 2d/3d roads. How can i setup the AVIC-X940BT Navi so it can show 2D or 3D up mode. Looking at the display this way, while driving is driving me nuts. It would be nice to see it like this all the time. See Pic or link. CHESSY crappy birds eye view: http://www.sonicelec...VIC-X940BT.html This is the view I want: http://www.ecoustics...car-navigation/
  21. hey everyone, I have an x710bt and have a question. Anytime I am driving with the gps telling me where to go it constantly says "keep left" or "keep right" in so many feet/miles....its driving me nuts because it says WAY too much...is there any way to disable it from saying keep left or keep right but have it continue to tell me where to turn or what freeway exit to take? I would prefer to not have to hack into it to do this but if it comes down to it I will if someone knows a way because its way to annoying to drive with all those interruptions. Thanks!
  22. On 11-7-12 some ass-h%#* stole my avic-n4,ipod touch,ashtray,2 wireless headphones,12" kicker cvr's in a sub-box,and a money order in the middle of the night. I personally believe it was my neighbors who i recently found out are big time theives. The other day I found about 4 sensor tags and a clear dvd security case on the street in front of their house. My husband is livid!!!!! He's been setting traps to see if they take the bait. Oh yeah, and no they didn't get the wires or brain,antennas,xm,hd radio,ipod cord,ipod adapter,amp,sirius,dvd changer,flip-down or headr
  23. I just installed my AVIC X940BT unit on my truck and everything is working fine but when I try to click on the enter address button for navigation it doesn't have it highlighted. I can select a POI and it reads out the correct route and everything but it won't let me enter an address. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  24. My unit is AVIC F910BT. I added new language and voice files in testmode by copyng to the voice and language folders, but after reboot the new language didn't appear on the language and voice selection screens. Are there some additional setings I have to update to add language and voice files? Please help!
  25. I just installed a AVIC930 in my RV and have a question about the GPS cable that plugs into the back of the unit. I removed a Audiovox unit that has a different plug on the gps cab E than what my pioneer will take. The new Pioneer cable was almost impossible to install where the factory had placed the old cable. So I had to place the gps antenna on my dash. Is there an Adapter that I could use to plug the old Audiovox gps cable into my Pioneer? Would it work? Any ideas?
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