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  1. Ipod Classic into the 8200 cord question

    You only need a USB extension cord from the back of the 8200 unit and your plain old white Apple cord from the extension to the iPod Classic. Or, just get a longer 30 pin cord from Amazon and you won't need an extension. You definitely don't need to buy their cord.
  2. Navigation system gone?

    In case someone does a search on this problem, I can confirm that a firmware reload will resolve the missing navigation maps and menu problem.
  3. http://www.gynapedia.com/index.php?title=User:Tangela82F

  4. Navigation system gone?

    Hello, I am having the exact same problem with my 8200. What did you update? The firmware or the navigation maps? Thanks.
  5. Always keep a multi-meter nearby to test continuity on the wires. I couldn't figure out why one of my speakers wasn't working. I used a multi-meter to trace the problem back to a loose wire in a harness that had pulled out of the adapter.
  6. AVIC 8200-NEX + iPhone/iPod: Various Results

    My 7th generation iPod Classic 160 GB does resume the song it was playing on the 8200 whenever I switch sources or restart the car. I always leave it permanently attached to the USB extension. However, the issue I am having is that the iPod always shuts off at around the 45th song played. I am using the shuffle play option on 16,000 songs and it is attached to USB2. The iPod does not seem to recharge on this port and it seems to be a battery issue since it displays the "recharge" message after it shuts off. I will try the first USB port and a different cable.
  7. I didn't see this firmware update for the 8200 on Pioneer's site. Is it genuine? Only 1.01 is available. Has anyone installed 1.02 yet?
  8. NEX 8200 Ipod Issue

    Your iPod is rebooting each time you give it power. Clean up the tags in your collection and turn off all signal processing on the iPod (EQ and Sound Check).
  9. Auto EQ: Set EQ to Flat?

    So, Auto EQ creates its own settings that are not based on what the EQ was manually set to before the procedure? Or, do I need to set the EQ to my taste before the Auto EQ is performed?
  10. Auto EQ: Set EQ to Flat?

    Does it matter? I would like to fine tune the EQ after the procedure.
  11. I have too many POIs on my NEX-8200 navigation screen. How can I remove them? Never mind, I see that they are called "place markers" in the menu.
  12. 8200NEX With KICKER 11HS8

    I installed a compact Kicker 11HS8 150 watt subwoofer with my new 8200 unit. The subwoofer is self-powered and connected to the h/u, and I also have a separate amp that is powering the four speakers. However, the subwoofer is very under-powered, even after I set the filters correctly. I have to lower the speakers to -24db and raise the subwoofer to 10db just to get it to marginal levels. Is there anything else to try, or is this subwoofer just too under-powered?
  13. 8200NEX GPS Antenna Magnetic or Not?

    Yes, they included it. I ended up just attaching a small magnet to the antenna and installed everything on a metal bracket on the inside part of the dash.
  14. Hello, I just purchased an 8200NEX, and I am installing it myself. I got to the part where I am supposed to install the GPS antenna. However, the antenna base is not magnetic. Is this a faulty part or is this common now with the newer units? Thanks.