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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have had an AVH-4200NEX running my car for about six months now. I never really used the HDRadio with all the other source options. On a whim the other day I switched to FM to discover that I can get all my local stations, but they only come in as analog. None of them switch to digital. I live in the SF Bay Area so reception isnt a problem - something else is going on. The car is a 2005 Audi S4, which has an amplified antenna. But Im assuming if the amplifier wasnt working I wouldnt be getting the analog reception in the first place. What else could be happening
  2. My AVIC-F920BT after a successful update (2015 maps, version:6) has a special issue of radio receiver. Sometimes (without pressing any button, or the touch panel) the radio receiver CHANGES from FM to AM. Manually I can change back to FM and the FM station remains the same as it was before. I disconnected the steering wheel remote controls, but the failure remained. What could be the reason? -Touch panel ? -RDS-TMC tuner (CXE2176) ? -Software ? Thank you for any advice !
  3. Newbie question here. The option Radio Setting/Local is greyed out, because of this I can not receive any radio stations. Any help would be appreciated. hopefully I'm just overlooking something. Thanks in advance
  4. Ok, So early this evening, Pioneer Electronics announced the long anticipated update was here! Ready for download, instructions and all. Allowing full use of the iPhone 5, with this update and a 120 dollar cable. Luckily, I have the iPhone 4S, right? No. I completed the two stage update, looking forward to hopefully some bug fixes. I plug my phone is and, nothing. the phone made its chime to say it was loading. But no beep or reaction from the AppRadio. So I unplug it, and try the bluetooth. After a few unsuccessful tries, it finally worked. So I have one connection. But as i
  5. I have recently installed a z130BT on my Lexus ES330 (2005 model) and the FM radio has a poor reception. The factory head unit had a great FM reception, even though it didn't support HD, the quality was quite good. I live in greater LA area and there are plenty of HD and regular FM channels that are broadcasted here. Has anyone had a similar issue? The connections seem ok and the antenna hasn't changed since I swapped out the factory HU. I spoke to Pioneer and they asked me to send the unit for examination, if I cannot fix it. I also heard that adding a FM booster will improve the recepti
  6. Hi All, Thanks to everyone who was able to host the firmware updates over the last day or two... was a big help. I wanted to bring up an issue I noticed with my 4000nex (updated to 1.06) Most of the carplay apps seem to function as intended except for Music. I am able to hear audio when playing genius mixes but NOT when selecting a stations in iTunes Radio. It appears as if the head unit 'thinks' it IS playing something but no audio ever comes through. I tried this while the phone was on wifi as well as LTE and 4G but haven't had any luck. Could i have an option set incorrectly some whe
  7. Basically the radio doesn't turn on unless the yellow and red wires are together. I know one of them, I believe the yellow, gets continuous power, while the other is an accessory wire. So if I just connect the wires normally to the wire harnass, and put the car in ACC mode, nothing happens. But if I put the wires together then the radio will boot up, but they have to be kept together to keep it on. After this I tried replacing the original radio back into the car, and now that radio won't turn on at all. I'm suspecting a short, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this type of is
  8. I notice that a station will be playing HD, but then it goes to non HD, and then will play back in HD, and the quality is signficantly different so I can hear it everytime it changes. What the best setting for the radio? Can i turn of the hd radio and use the regualr channels? Thanks,
  9. Hi all! I bought an appradio 2 in the USA recently and had it installed in my car in The Netherlands. The unit works great (except of course for some minor tweaks). However, the European FM frequencies differ from the US frequencies. I wonder if there is a possibility to address this problem by installing "European" Pioneer software or firmware. If this is not possible, I can try to create a "workaround" by using internet radio... Greetings, Martijn
  10. Hi App Radio Gurus I finally installed my App Raido in my Ford Fusion and it's the perfect addition to my car, minus one thing; I get HORRIBLE AM Radio Reception... The FM radio works fantastic, actually better than the the Stock radio, I don't loose FM going thru the canyons to get home any longer. **I should note that when I say Horrible AM Reception I mean NO reception... I work at KFI AM 640 (one of the strongest if not the strongest AM stations) here in Los Angeles and even right next to the broadcast antennas AM640 on the stereo doesn't work, I get nothing but fuzz** Has anyo
  11. ok this is weird...if I'm listening to the FM radio, then use Home -> Apps -> MotionX, the radio cuts out. it is necessary to double-click the Home icon, and toggle the "Radio mix" button, whatever the hell that is. what is this insanity? any idea why the radio doesn't just simply keep playing in the background, like it would on a normal planet? thanks!
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