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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Guys I'm hoping you can help me. I've a AVH-8400BT and am fairly happy with it. What would make me very happy with it would be if I could get my iPhone 6 with iOS 9.3.1 working correctly with it. Now correct me if I'm wrong but if I'm wrong but if I have the latest firmware version and the Pioneer CD-iV202AV and an Apple Lightning to VGA Adapter I should be able to get my iphone displayed on the Pioneer stereo. But all I get is the what's shown on the attached screenshots. Can anybody help out a frustrated Pioneer owner? Regards Donal
  2. Hi Gurus of all things NEX I recently brought my wife a 5100NEX for her 2011 Nissan Altima (BIG IM SORRY PRESENT). Anyhow, I have an iPhone 6, and when I plugged in my 6 to her deck to make sure everything was working good, I had 0 problems. So after I showed her the car, and the radio she plugged in her 5s and we took off for a trip down to wine country. Well, about 10 minutes into the drive, the 5100 stopped responding in Car Play mode. The CD still worked, the Radio still worked, bluetooth with the 5s was flawless, but we couldn't get CarPlay to work... I have no idea what's going on and I can't find anything on any support forums that lists the 5s as having issues with CarPlay. It's running iOS 8.3 however I haven't done the firmware update to the NEX yet.. (as a side note, we unplugged her 5s and plugged in my 6 and carplay worked perfectly) It maybe worth noting that In my Ford Fusion I have the 7100NEX and her phone acts goofy in my car as well. I haven't tried to plug in someone else's 5s yet too see if it's just her phone... If anyone has heard anything related to this issue please let me know... I'm going to do the firmware updates today to both of the decks to see if that that fixes the issue. Thanks in advance for all your help guys & gals. Respectfully, Bryan Garcia
  3. iPhone 6 and iPod Classic 80gb

    Could use some help / advice / guidance... I had the AVIC-5000NEX installed today. It was installed to use both an iPhone 6 and iPod Classic. I'm having some issues. I assume it has the latest firmware since they updated it there in the shop (and he told me that's what they were doing). I don't have iOS 8.1 yet. Here's the issues I've run into... Most annoying one: If I'm listening to music via iPod2 (my iPod Classic), and a text message comes in, the minute I try to interact with CarPlay it switches over to iPod1. It never goes back to iPod2 even when I'm done listening, replying, etc. It doesn't do what I'd expect... mute/attenuate the music while I'm texting or making a call, but then return to playing the music on iPod2 when complete. Is there something wrong with my setup or is this just how it works? Most baffling one: Siri seems to like to not read messages correctly when they come in. If I text someone via Siri and a little while later they reply, she won't read their message... she'll read the last message I sent to them and ask me if I want to send it. Apparently this is an Apple bug, but it isn't something I've run into outside of CarPlay. She seems to do it randomly, but it also seems she's more likely to do it when the message is very short / one word. My husband for example likes to answer with one word -- "LOL" -- or even one letter -- "K" -- and those seemed to be more likely to cause the problem to occur. Anyone else have this experience and a work-around / fix? Least important one: I can't connect the iPhone via bluetooth at all. If I do, it won't "remember" that USB1 and USB2 are being used. What happens is this. If I connect my iPhone via bluetooth while everything else is working, all seems to continue to work fine. However, if I turn the car off, go into a store, come back and turn the car on, neither "iPod 1" or "iPod 2" show up or work. I have to disconnect bluetooth completely, delete it from the 5000NEX, and then plug in my iPhone and iPod Classic. Obviously, way too inconvenient to go through that constantly. My audio shop even called Pioneer to get some answers on this and apparently their answer was "just turn bluetooth off" when using both USB1 and USB2. My only other issue, which maybe me being stupid... how the heck do you turn down the volume of sounds coming through from the iPhone -- like text notifications? Siri, her volume is okay, but all the notification sounds are WAY too loud. I can't seem to access volume on the phone in the apps themselves (like messages) to adjust it while connected. Where it is? Where am I missing it? Thanks all...
  4. Iphone 6 and Z120

    Heads up... I got my new IPhone 6 Plus on Friday and it doesn't work on my Z120. I've been using the lighting adapter to convert the interface when I upgraded from my iPhone 4 to the 5 and everything was working OK. The head unit won't even recognize there's a phone connected now.
  5. Hi everyone, I had an iPhone 4 when i installed my avic z130bt - worked great. I later upgraded to an iPhone 5 (64 GB) running on IOS 6, bought a 30 pin to lightning adaptor and works great again. I recently bought an iPhone 6 (IOS 8 - 128 GB). I plugged it on to my receiver and got an error message! It posted "USB flash drive was disconnected for device protection. Do not connect this USB flash drive to the unit. To restart USB, restart the unit." I looked up the operations manual and found that it can be one of two things: 1. the cable is bad 2. the connected usb storage device consumes more than 1A. The cable isn't bad since the unit still works with my old iPhones. The plug that came with the iPhone mentions that it has a max capacity of 1A so i'm not sure if the issue could be more than what was specified in the manual (i.e. is it an iOS 8 issue, or the unit can't read Higher capacity storage devices greater than 64 gb (just like some sd card readers)?. Does anybody here have a similar experience with an error message like this and would have a solution? If it's an amperage issue, is there a work around it? I've noticed on other forums in here that when they used their new iPhone 6 with the NEX units it works fine. Thanks in advance for the help.