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Found 7 results

  1. Custom POI F70DAB Help Please

    Can anyone tell if it's possible to add my own POIs to an F70DAB F970DAB is in the same manual. Using KML files, I've tried the Avic Feeds software to create files in a POI directory. I've copied files to a NDB/CustomPOI directory. I'm woried that I don't see a AvicFeeds button to access the files. Is it possible? What is the directory/file structure I need on the SD card? Is there a limit to the number of POIs in one file? How do I access them once they are there? As I said I've tried everything I know, any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Custom POI on AVIC-F930BT

    Hello, I'm trying to install custom POIs on my AVIC-F930BT... I found POIs in <*.kml> format. I have following questions: 1) With NavGate Feeds, I could export them on a SD-card. But original <*.kml> file is split into several files (size 66K). Is it a way to avoid this automatic splitting ? I will try to merge them into a single file, and see if it works. 2) NavGate Feeds creates the following files structure on the SD-cards (exported POI name: POI): NDB CUSTOMPOI POI.kml POI(2).kml POI(3).kml CustomPOI.symb VersionManage AUTHENTIFICATION Custom_POI.aut Version Custom_POI.ver Is it possible to add a sound alert associated to this custom POI ? If yes, at which place, which name, which format ? 3) Is it a way to copy custom POIs into the built-in memory of the AVIC ? If not, it means that a SD-card must be inserted permanently to access them. In this case, it is possible to add other data (Music, ....) on the same SD-card, and make the device access them simultaneously ? If yes, where should they be installed ? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if it's possible to add new POIs to the 8000nex/F60DAB (i have the EU model). I've tried using the older Navgate Feeds program but to no avail. Newer models aren't supported and it seems we have to wait till the AVICSync app is released. Even Pioneer itself doesn't know (i asked them in an email, got the response to wait till Navgate Feeds supports my model so i think they're not even sure themselves). So, has anyone been able to add a list of POIs? And i mean a list, not adding a single poi manually but adding a large list from KML or CSV files (or any other format for that matter).
  4. Hi, After hours of trawling the web and no further forward, I though I'd try here How to you enable the speed cameras to display on the screen? I've downloaded a file and put it on my Micro SD card, confirmed the installation of 'blackspot' files but cannot see anything showing POI's for Speed Camera I'm in the UK if that helps anyone? Thanks folks! Damo
  5. POI question

    OK, I'm one of the ones that bought the CNSD-300FM "upgrade" for my F90BT, and found out too late that it did away with most of the POIs I had before. However, I still have the SD cards from the CNSD-200FM upgrade. When I look at the SD cards from both upgrades, there is a directory under iGO ("contents\poi" if I remember correctly -- home internet not working thanks to the storm!). Under this POI directory are files, something along the lines of "Canada.000.poi", "US_Alabama.000.poi", etc. So I booted into testmode, got a copy of the entire flash contents, and found the same directory with the same filenames, but with the final ".poi" missing. Using Windows "fc" command, I compared 2 of the files from the CNSD-300FM upgrade SD with the corresponding files from the AVIC flash, and the files compared as equivalent. Consequently, I'm thinking about taking the POI directory from my CNSD-200FM upgrade, renaming all of the files in it (to remove the ".poi" at the end), renaming the "POI" directory in flash to something like "bad_POI", and then copying the modded CNSD-200FM poi directory to the flash. Hopefully, this will get me a decent number of POIs again, and hopefully if this doesn't work, I can simply delete that directory and re-name the "bad_POI" back to "POI" and get everything back to the way it is right now. I've never done any messing around of this type with the AVIC before, although I do this kind of thing all the time on regular computers. I know there are lots of talented and experienced people on this forum -- can any of you give me any advice as to whether or not my approach is OK, or if I should just leave things as they are? Thanks! Tony
  6. Just did a 3.0 update with 2011 maps, and when I go to POI and click around curser for gas stations it gives me results starting 89 miles away for Reno, and I live in sacramento has anyone had this problem?
  7. I have been searching this forum and haven't come across what I'm after. Does anyone know if the x930bt will allow nearby POI to display on the map. Ex: Say I go to a new city, and I'm looking for a food place nearby. Is it possible for it to display the nearby food places on the map for me to select from? This would be easier than trying to search for one. If this has already been answered, please point me in the correction direction. Thanks