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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I just installed a Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX. Since the backup camera didn't come on when I put the car in reverse, I did some changes in settings. However, now when I start the car all I see is a black screen when in drive and park or the reverse camera when in reverse. This is brutal. How can I get back to the main menu and fix this issue? I tried pressing and holding each button and also pressing on the screen but nothing worked so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. Hey guys I've a F860BT unit that seems to have lost screen calibration after I disconnected the car battery. The problem is I cannot run Testmode or any version of Condi's hackmode on it. Is there anyway to calibrate the screen or to bypass the password so I can calibrate the screen from the main menu because I have the password I just can't type it. Thanks
  3. Hi Guys, I need some urgent help if possible! I've just sold my F920BT which was working perfect in my Mk6 Golf. The new buyer has fitted it into a sprinter van but said there is issues with the screen flickering - I told him to take it to my guy who does all my screen wiring and he has said that the wiring is perfect. The system turns on fine and works for about 1min or less, then after that the screen just keeps flickering but we have been unable to identify why or how to fix it.. Any idea's would really be appreciated.
  4. Just finished my install of an AVIC-8000NEX unit. Anyone know how to change the splash screens to my own pictures? I tried the simple thing, put JPG's on an SD card, but they came up with a circle and a line through them. Must not be the right format.
  5. Hi guys, So I've had my head unit for awhile and it's pretty great. I've never had an issue...until now. I'm really hoping someone has heard of this or can offer advice. I got off work this morning and ejected the CD to load another CD. However, it's stuck on that CD-load image (ya know where the screen goes gray and has a picture of a white CD that appears is half way in the slot). The screen will NOT retract all the way. After putting in the CD, the LCD panel will not retract automatically. Pressing the Eject button will move the screen about 3/4 of the way, but as soon as it hits this point it goes back down and that gray CD image in the middle of the screen is still present. I have no idea what would cause this issue...but it's really annoying and just kinda crazy. I was hoping I would find something on here, but I wasn't able to. I attempted to remove the CD several times to no avail. I've turned the ignition off...it tries to retract but it fails at that same 3/4 position and then goes back and then beeps 4 times. I attempted to reset the microprocessor with the reset button in the bottom right corner and while it reset...it's still stuck in the same position with that CD loading logo. While it's in this state...I'm not able to do anything. I cannot access the home menu, control volume, use any of the physical buttons on the bottom row (besides the eject button). *** I'm going to try and load the image again via USB and I've considered disconnecting the car battery as well. I don't know that either will work. I might have to completely remove it from the dash and reinsert it. I should note. When I put the CD back in, even though it's in this state, it will play the CD sometimes. Sometimes it won't. Also, when I press the eject button for the screen to return to it's normal position you do see the regular screen, home menu, wherever it was before as it's the screen is moving and attempting to revert back to the original position...but again, it hits that 3/4 of the way position and then the CD loading slot icon returns with the gray screen and it reverts back to it's position. I'm really hoping I can get this fixed and I'm sorry for the long post. I hope this was informative enough to explain my situation. Thank you for ANY and ALL help in advance... Joe
  6. Hello everybody, The unthinkable just happened to me. I was working on my car and had to unplug the battery for a little while. I finished then put the battery back. Everything worked fine for a few days until one night the radio screen did not come on at all. Heres whats going on: 1.- Turn car on. 2.- Radio fan and buttons light up. 3.- Screen stays off, no backlight, completely off. 4.- Buttons turn off after a short period of time. 5.- Radio shuts off entirely, and no music or anything ever played or displayed. I have uploaded a video of my radio doing its thing that way it can speak more words than I can ever type. Please help me out anyone, I have an 8 hour trip coming up and not having navigation and music will just make the trip that much more painful, not to mention I am so bummed out because this radio was so expensive... Video:
  7. Hi guys I've not had my SPH-DA02 long but since I've had it I get an issue every now and then. When plugging in my iPhone 4 it (sometimes) shows the iPod section and the Apps section with a blur of messed up graphics. I tried to get a photo but of course it needs my phone to create the issue, so I will have to borrow a phone to take the photo. It almost looks like the LCD is broken but the home screen and bluetooth section is fine. Also I can still play music and use the phone. It tends to happen in the morning. Almost every morning in fact. So I thought, perhaps it was temperature related. But it happened yesterday afternoon too. Any ideas please?
  8. dual screens?

    http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/air-display/id368158927?mt=8 I was dreaming of having total ipad integration with my avic z140bt as a dual screen type thing. What if the avic ran navigation while the ipad did facebook/ ipod stuff and you had 2 screens going. Or having it as a real 2nd monitor and having the navigation and app radio mode apps pan over onto the ipad screen? just an idea also, here's a really cool way to mount an ipad into a tahoe dash. Just sayin'
  9. I used to have the Z1 and loved it! I lost it when I sold my vehicle last month so I went out and bought the newest Pioneer Avic Z140bh to go with my brand new vehicle. This was a bad idea, I thought this new Z140bh was going to blow me away with everything being newer and better but I WAS WRONG!!!! Not happy with it at all, everything and I mean everything is so different and it misses so much that the Z1 had. Long story short, I returned it and got a full refund and just ordered from ebay the Avic Z3. My question is, since I had the Z1 before, does the Z3 menu, screen, etc look a little different from the Z1 ? I know they are almost identical, but I just wanted to know if the screen options and maps and menu look a little different. Thank you all!
  10. I have just replaced my F90BT with a new X930BT. All is working properl,y but when I play a CD no information is shown on screen such as album title, artist, or name of the song. I have tried at least a half-dozen different CDs, all original manufacturer's discs, no copies and the lack of information is the same. This was not a problem with the original F90BT. Information from my iPod and an SD card displays correctly. Have I managed to miss a setting somewhere or done something else dumb? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. I just purchased my U310BT a week ago from ebay. I just got around to installing the radio to find out that the touch screen is not working!!!! I tried resetting it but had no luck. I can see images and can scroll through the modes with the knob, but I cannot press any touch screen buttons. When I go to navigation mode, I cannot get past the "OK" button on the initial screen. What is weird about my issue is that when the screen dims out, I can press the screen to get it to light up, but cannot press the buttons on the screen. Also, I tried updating it but the radio is not detecting my 8gb sd card.
  12. I have the AVH-3200BT installed in my 03 350z. I have been using the usb and audio jack in the front of the player to play my music/videos off of my iphone 4 while I am driving. My question is, could I use a cable to connect my iphone 4 to the video/audio ports on the back of the unit and stream my iphone 4 screen to the dvd screen? Like could I use that and then use my gps on my iphone and see it on the AVH-3200bt, since it is hooked up through video on the back of the player?