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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys so I have the Z110BT unit and I've never been able to get the music to come out of the car stereo when connected via USB cable. Initially I thought it was because the software was too old or what not. So i just upgraded to the latest version 6.00 and still no luck. I can play via Bluetooth just fine, but when I plug in via USB and open up pandora, the unit recognizes I'm trying to play pandora, but the music comes out of my phone instead of the car stereo. The weird thing is, I have the option to thumbs up/down tracks and even select my playlist which all work. I'm using an iPhone 6S and OEM Apple lightning cable. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with their iPhone (I have 6s) with ios 9.2 update. Since I did that update, when I plug the phone into the ipod connector (I use the 30pin to lightening adapter), Pandora starts instead of the ipod function. Up until that point when you plugged it in, the ipod function would start if it was on another function or if it was the last thing selected. I have never used the Pandora feature in the car, so not sure what triggered that. Just wondering if I'm alone on this... I guess if you use Pandora all the time, maybe you wouldn't notice?
  3. Before: I had a Pioneer AVH-P1400DVD installed in my '04 Nissan 350z (manual transmission-in case that makes any difference) and later on decided to add a back up camera. When I first installed the camera, and it worked fine: came on when I put the car in reverse, turned off when I took it out, but I was getting the black screen that says "Caution Image May Be Reversed" that would pop up randomly (every few minutes while driving) but would go away if I tapped the screen. I fixed that..not exactly sure anymore exactly what I did to fix it, but long story short, everything was working as it should. Now: I bought a Pioneer AVIC Z110BT from a friend and installed it the other day. I reused the wiring harness from the P1400DVD because it was the exact same. The only thing that changed, which I can't imagine makes a difference, was, with the P1400DVD, I was using a relay to bypass the parking break. I took that out because I don't watch movies while I'm driving and there is very little space behind the HU in a 350Z. Camera wiring: RCA running from camera in the back of the car to the backup camera input on the unit. Wire running form the reverse lights to the back of the unit. Camera's + also spliced into reverse lights. Camera's - grounded to chassis. Problem: I go into system settings, turn on the backup camera with the polarity set to battery and nothing happens at all, ever. If I set the polarity to ground, every time i start the car and the unit turns on, I get the black screen that says "caution image may be reversed" but when I put the car into reverse, the camera comes on as it should, and turns off when I take it out of reverse. But, the black screen will not go away no matter what I do. The volume buttons, next/prev track button, and eject buttons will work, but I cant get off the black screen unless I disconnect the battery to reset the unit. Is there something I'm missing because, from where I'm sitting, the damn thing should work. lol
  4. Traffic Sensor addition

    I have a Z110bt that has the 2012 maps/firmware update, which I am told updates my NAVI to a 940. I live in SoCal, and traffic is of course a concern of mine. Is the ND-TMC10 traffic sensor a worthwhile addition? What, exactly, will it do for me? Will my NAVI automatically route me via the fastest route? What is involved in the installation of this tuner? How much is a reasonable charge I should expect to pay, if I buy it and choose to have someone else do it?
  5. Hi All, I have done a lot of searching/reading on this forum but cannot find a logical (to me) and consolidated approach to my situation.....any help with my questions is very much appreciated!! I have the 2009 Z110BT installed in a used car that I recently purchased. I do have the general usage manual for the system but it is running the original software version that came with the unit. I need to get it to the most current & effective state. I really need advise on: 1.) which update version recommended? I see threads on z120/z130/z140 and appreciate any advice on the best/most viable version to get to, based on the unit currently installed. Naturally, I would like the most current set of maps/GUI 2.) do I need to do multiple updates (z110>z120>z130) to get to optimal version? Or, can I just apply a single update from z110 to the recommended version? 3.) what are the steps needed to get this done? If someone could simply outline or send best link to do so, it would really help, as I have gotten quite lost on this in the forum search pages 4.) final question that may be a dumb one but here goes.....the traffic tuner that came with the unit is the MSN portion that is no longer usable. What are my options in the update process to gain access to a traffic alternative to the obsolete MSN? Is there a way to do this via version upgrade only or do I need to have something else installed? Many thanks again for any help!!
  6. Thought I would share in case anyone else has this issue. I have a Z110BT with upgraded firmware to most current update (Z120BT). I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. Bluetooth connectivity has never been an issue until recently. The head unit stopped conecting to my phone. I tried to re-pair the device to the unit and I kept getting an error message *Registration Failed*. I thought maybe my phone was the problem, however it wasn't as it pairs with other devices just fine. I also tried pairing my older Samsung Galaxy S2 and received the same *Registartion Failed* error message. I found a simple solution: I went in to the services menu and did a "Restore to Factory Settings" and now....no more issues with my bluetooth connection. Problem SOLVED! Whew!
  7. Street View

    Hi Guys, I tried searching for this topic with no success. Before I upgraded my z110bt to the latest map and software update, I had a button in the map views screen called "Street View", when it was activated it changed the map view while following a route to a split screen with map on right half and the next 4 maneuvers listed on the left pane. After the update the "street View icon is now grayed out and even when a destination is set is not active=no street view. This is also the case with my new x940bt. Does anyone know what has happened to "Street View", or how to activate it again. I know I can get a "Turn By Turn" Screen,(Profile), for the entire route, But that screen does not include the map screen, and it doesn't change as you complete the shown maneuvers. Thanks--Semper Fi
  8. Android in car with Atrix Webtop

    Just sharing my latest project. I got Android running through the avic Z100bt using HDMI to VGA converter. If you were thinking about doing it, here is a preview of it. Things needed: AVIC with video input Motorola Atrix rooted to access the WebTop through HDMI TODO: settings to control X11 resolution