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AVIC - N1 bypass w/Hi-res board scans..

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Hi all...... I'm really glad I found this site!!
I have a AVIC-N1 (allready in a vehicle I just purchased) and of course am going crazy without being able to view DVD and NAV while driving.

So, as far as I can understand on here, is all I have to do to get rid of this problem is to ground out the E-Brake signal wire and then install (solder) 1 jumper wire on the circuit board??? Is that correct, or is there more to it???

Please help, just so I know what I will have to deal with!!!

Any info. would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanx So much!!!!!!!!!!!!! :?

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[quote name="binderim"]Get a CitcuitWriter and connect these. I do not have an n1 but this is in the same area as the n2 and n3[/quote]

Is this the correct area to solder the jumper wire for the N1? I recently updated my N1 with the 90 discs and now I get that pop up window while playing movie while in motion.

I found this thread but not a clear cut what to do.

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