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Max size and version for SD card?

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What is the biggest size size and version SD card the F900 can use?


If you want to say "Use the search function" please just post the link since you obviously know where it is and I could not find it.


Thanks everybody.

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The specs in the manual say it will support an 8GB SD or SDHC card. But I would bet that a 16GB or 32GB card will work in it, it's just that at the time they were developing the F-series the biggest SD card capacity on the market was 8GB. Even now it's hard findin one larger than that without looking very hard.


From the manual (which you can download from the Pioneer website):


Compatible physical format

..................................................... Version 2.00

Max capacity memory ........... 8 GB

File system .................................. FAT16, FAT32

Decoding format ......................MP3/WMA/AAC/WAVE/


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I just held off on buying an 8gb SDHC because I'm hoping somebody with a 16gb or even 32gb would be able to give this a shot... I already have too many <4gb SD/SDHC cards because I keep upgrading my cards and have nothing to do with the old ones.

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I want to buy a 16Gb card too, but I'm holding off until someone can test one!! My 4Gb SDHC card worked fine.


The manual says it supports up to 2Gb on the USB port, but I've got an 8 Gb Corsair flash drive to work. The only problem is it loses the USB drive everytime you power off and on, and I have to unplug and plug it back in, then it works fine. However, this means it can't resume music when you switch on - you have to navigate back to whatever you were playing, which is annoying. A similar 2Gb Corsair stick worked perfectly, and resumed from power off without any unplugging.


So...if anyone does test a 16Gb SDHC card, can they see if resumes playback when you switch the unit off and on?! :)

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The maximum size available to SDHC is 32GB!!!


Here's my email exchange with Pioneer support:


From customer.support@pioneerservice.com Fri Jun 20 12:31:02 2008

Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 09:30:55 -0700

From: customer.support@pioneerservice.com

To: [removed]

Subject: RE:Feature and Specification|B00002|[removed] [#1192771]



Thank you for contacting Pioneer Electronics, Inc.


Yes, with FAT32 it will support up to 32GB on the SD slot for AVIC-F90BT.



Thank You,



Customer Service Representative


--Original Message--

From: [removed]

Date: 06/19/08

To: customer.support@pioneerservice.com

Subject: Feature and Specification|B00002|201-982-4559[#1192771]










Inquiry Type:Feature and Specification


lstTitles:B00002-Car Products-Navigation

Inquiry:I just purchased the AVIC-F90BT. I know the manual says 8gb is the maximum for SDHC cards, but I'm assuming it's just because 8gb was the maximum size at the time the manual was written. Will FAT32 SDHC cards work if their capacaties are 16gb or even 32gb?

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No. You have to manually create folders for that kind of thing (Like: Main folder > Genre Folder > Artist Folder > Files) and sort them yourself. There is also a search function where you can type in a word and it will find files and folders that match.

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