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  1. F900BT - $579 w/ free shipping

    The deal in the first post is over now, it's back up to MSRP ($1100) However they are now selling the F700 for $400 and free shipping for a limited time. LINK
  2. I am Sofa King not impressed

    This is fuckin hilarious. I have no idea who you are but obviously you're complete douche. I haven't been here in many many months, yet you join up here with the seemingly sole purpose of posting this topic, naming specifically a person who hasn't been around in ages. I dunno. Whatever. I just happened to stop in to post a deal I ran across on one of the units and I come across a PM about this assclown posting about me. Whatever. I really don't give a shit. Have fun with whatever stupid shit you decide to do in the future dude.
  3. F900BT - $579 w/ free shipping

    Just ran across this deal. Newegg.com is a VERY good web store, great customer service, fast shipping, very trustworthy. I order computer parts from there all the time. Looks like a pretty good deal for the F900. Don't know how long it's running for though. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882117258
  4. Bypass on F90

    Yeah, you don't need a switch for the bypass. Just wire it up as per the directions and it will work all the time. But if for some reason you want to disable the bypass you could put a switch on it. If it is a two pole switch, the positive and negative poles on the switch don't really mean anything as the signal can pass through the switch in either direction. All it does is close a circuit. Just wire the switch in on the parking brake wire and it's done. (green wire to switch, switch to ground) The red/black sides on the switch are inconsequential.
  5. how to hack US AVIC-F900BT to work in Europe??

    Yes, all of that is true.
  6. FYI about update..read!!!

    Is it still fashionable and hip to rip on Vista and praise XP? Anyway, at this point in time Vista is a much better OS than XP, plain and simple. I've run both updates on my F90 from a vista computer without issue. Also have done all my flash disk hacking and F90 software emulating on a Vista computer. Maybe you just don't know what you're doing.
  7. iPod Control

    But unlike the D3, with the F-series you can scroll by first letter which is a ton faster.
  8. F90BT - DivX Playback

    No you didn't.
  9. Does anyone use relays for their bypass

    Yeah, no relays or switches needed... just wire it up and it works automatically and permanently.
  10. AVIC-D3 driving while watching

    I guess the 4 sticky topics are just way too hard to see.
  11. Playing Genre

    Nope. The only option is navigating through whatever folder system you have set up on the drive. This is why i love my ipod...
  12. Anyone else not updating?

    I'll give you a link and that's it. Anything else can be easily found using the search function. You should at least say please when asking somebody to do something for you.
  13. What do YOU think?

    At this point hoping for any kind of firmware update from Pioneer for the D3 is like hoping to wake up with a couple of strippers in your bed, a pile of coke on the nightstand, and a million dollars under your pillow.
  14. 8GB FLASH DRIVE $13.99!!!

  15. How do I use VR?

    See the big round silver knob thingie on the front of the radio? Push that as if it were a big ass button. Then tell your radio to play stuff.