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avic s1 with european maps?

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i have a avic s1 that i just updated the usa maps on. I really like this little unit. i also have a z3 in a truck that i love as well. anyway i travel overseas a bit and would love to get a european map on the s1. is it available or does it exist? mainly germany is where i go. I did a search on the forum and didnt come up with anything, but i assume it is as simple as the update i did. if anyone knows please let me know as this is a cheaper alternative to getting a car with navi which costs 150-200 more each visit

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Like I posted earlier, I got a copy of the S1 DVD for Europe. The only problem I have is finding a place for it. As it is close to 5gb.


If you are willing to trade for the updated US maps, I could probably ship you a copy of the DVD.


Let me know

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