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Parts for fixing Slide/Flip-Up Problems

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I wanted to post this to help everyone out who's having (or will have) issues with their AVIC-N1/2/3 not sliding out or getting stuck or not flipping up.

I just recently ran into these problems and from reading several different forums, this is a VERY common problem with these units. After a lot of research and different contacts, I was able to get the correct part numbers to order from Pioneer (and avoid spending $200+ to have Pioneer repair it for me).

[b]Screen Slide In/Out Problem[/b]
This is the most common problem. Your screen may be retracting and gets stuck with about an inch or so sticking out. You can then force it to come out by hitting the open button and physically pulling it out. This problem is due to the "flex" ribbon cable becoming cracked on the portions that it bends everytime the screen goes in and out.

Order part number [b]GXX1257[/b] from Pioneer ($38.60):
[url=http://parts.pioneerelectronics.com/part.asp?productNum=GXX1257]http://parts.pioneerelectronics.com/par ... um=GXX1257[/url]

It comes with a new flex cable with is more flexible than the original and has thinner contacts (which I guess is one of the reasons that it is able to bend easier without cracking). It also comes with a replacement metal shield that the cable sticks to, plastic slide piece to keep the cable from rubbing against one of the PC boards and a small adhesive piece to reinforce a portion of the cable to keep it from cracking within the LCD housing.

You can follow amp3d's tutorial for taking the unit apart (to an extent... [url=http://www.eatmorepork.ca/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=5]http://www.eatmorepork.ca/modules.php?n ... wtopic&p=5[/url]). You can probably figure out how to take apart the rest of the unit on your own if you're a little electronically inclined. If you have any specific questions, just reply to this post and I'll do what I can to help.

[b]Screen slides out, but doesn't flip up...[/b]
Now, this problem is typically due to ignorance (I'm very guilty of this...that's why [i]now I know...and knowing is half the battle![/i]).

When I first took the unit apart, I thought the reason the screen was stuck was because of a bad motor or something stuck on the gears or tracks. So once I had the unit apart I pulled the screen completely off the tracks. BIG mistake! This caused a tiny spring switch to break off without me even knowing. Here's a pic:


This switch is what tells the unit if the screen is completely out so that it can then flip the screen up. With the switch broken, it thinks that the screen is completely retracted the whole time and will never engage the second motor to make it flip up.

If you made this mistake, go ahead and order part number [b]CSN1052[/b] from Pioneer ($3.03):
[url=http://parts.pioneerelectronics.com/part.asp?productNum=CSN1052]http://parts.pioneerelectronics.com/par ... um=CSN1052[/url]

You'll have to have a little soldering skills to replace this part. Once you have the unit taken apart, you can access the PC board that the switch sits on. You'll see it near the screen tracks. Just compare to the photo above and you'll find it.

Just remove the single screw to release the PCB and pull the wires all the way out until you get to the plug that's holding the wires down. Be careful with this plug because it's in there really tight. What I did to get it out was take a tiny flat-head screwdriver and carefully pry the plug up from the bottom. It'll eventually pop out.

Use a low wattage soldering iron (I used 15W...I think you can still use 30W and be safe). Heat up the 4 points to release the old switch. Then just line up the new switch to the 4 points and heat each one to solder it in. Reassemble everything and test it out. Again, if you have any specific questions, just reply to this post and I'll do what I can to help you out.

I really hope this write-up helps people out, because I know the hassle that I went through to find what I needed and I would've loved to have all of this information right from the start.

MODs: It would be cool to have this as a sticky to help others out...especially those who *forget* to use the search features! :wink:
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Can you show a pic. where the flex cable goes??? I'm assuming do not pull out the screen once you open the unit. Second, does the service kit have instructions to replace the flex cable?

Damm my screen got stuck yetersday and now I left my flap in manaul. I manually pulled it out and let it flipped.

Please help.. I'm disappointed how Pioneer's units are built this poor.

Thanks!!! :oops:
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In amp3d's wire-mod tutorial, there's a picture of the unit taken apart and you can see the flex cable (I've attached the image below):


Again, DO NOT pull the screen all the way out of it's tracks...you'll end up breaking the spring switch. And no, the Pioneer parts do not come with any instructions. I'm surprised that they built the units with a diffective part like the ribbon cable. From what I've read, people who have replaced the cable with the new one listed in my previous post, have no had any more problems with their cables cracking. Hopefully, it'll remain this reliable, but I still set my flap to "manual" so that there's less stress on the cable and hopefully last much longer.

Hope this helps.
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[quote name="Dalt10"]I have the unit apart. How do you release the ribbon off of the screen? I know it was said not to let the screen all the way out. But the screen does not move to be able to get the ribbon off the screen.[/quote]

I can't remember off the top of my head right now. Can you post some pics of your unit apart and then I can tell you what to do next. Since my spring switch was broken, I had my screen all the way off the tracks and so just replaced the ribbon while it was apart from the tracks. I *believe* you can still do it with the screen still on the tracks, but I could be wrong. Again, pics would def. help to walk you through this.
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I am at work and don't have my camera. I'll have to get some pics this evening. Looking at the unit apart the screen/panel it is as if it is all the way in. So you can't see the back to plug in the new ribbon in. I didn't want to take it apart and break or lose the spring that has been mentioned. I assume there is a way to release the screen to slide out enough to hook up the ribbon. I tried to slide the screen as if it was coming out of the unit and it does not move.
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You can slide it out manually as if it was opening on its own, but just make sure you didnt remove the two little black retainer clips (they're held on by tiny little phillips head screws). This will stop the screen from coming off the tracks and breaking the switch. It's tough to move the screen manually...you gotta give it a little muscle to get those gears moving, but it will.

If you don't want to force it, you could always remove the metal panel that hides all of the gears and motors and then remove the single screw that holds one of the motors in place. This way the screen will slide easily without any friction from the motor.

Whatever you decide to do, just do it carefully :wink:

I'll be around the computer tonight in case you need any help.
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[quote name="Dalt10"]Tried to pull out manually but won't budge. I took the metal cover off and am looking for the screw to take out for the motor.[/quote]

You should see a little screw near the gear head of the motor. It holds a little metal plate that's attached to the motor. Once you remove that screw, the whole motor can be lifted up with only the thin power cables attached.
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