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Parts for fixing Slide/Flip-Up Problems

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 10:12 pm Post subject: ? Avic N2 switch settig Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post
ok so im in the process of fixing my n2 and all went well till i ran into a switch with a little arrow on it and 3 wires it mounts onto the part of the tilt up section by the motor i cn provide pictures
and the switch has a arrow
so i need to know where it needs to point in order for the screen to open
right now the screen will slide open but never tilt. im assuming it to be the position of the arrow,
if anyone has any clue please fill me in thanx
reply here
or email me at sickassvr@yahoo.com
i can provide a picture if it would help
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Concept, where did you get the part numbers? I need a new DVD drive head or motor. I'm trying to see if I can find a cheap busted AVIC-N1 on eBay that still plays CDs, but no luck so far.

EDIT: Never mind, it seems that something got in the pickup unit when I was fixing something else. It's all good now.
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im not sure if its the ribbon. I took the unit apart and slid the screen. the ribbons looked good.. i put the unit together and plugged it back in and the screen sucked back in and its on but wont come out.. it still has about 3/4inch to go back in and not sure what it is...anybody have an idea?

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I replaced the spring switch and ribbon on my Avic-n3 and now it works great. The switch is available from encompass for $3.50 over night shipping cost me $33 wtf, and the ribbon I got off ebay from a guy for $53 but didnt include the metal piece like specified in details. Thanks for the information about switch and ribbon. Not easy at all to replace :mrgreen:

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I have the problem of it sliding out then only flipping up maybe 2°. The ribbon is only attached on the screen end. Can this be easily fixed? Audio shop here in Austin, jsut said to scrap the whole unit. Not willing to give up that easily. Any help is greatly appreciated. 


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