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HELP with custom backgrounds

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I have a D2 with the CNDV-60 ver 1.0 software and I've been trying like hell to put some new custom backgrounds and a new loading screen on it.

I read the DVD with DVD Decrypter and I've opened the files, but when I go to delete the POI files, I don't have the ones that are mentioned in this post:


I have POISR201.IDX through POISR207.IDX, but I don't have POIDT004.IDX, POIDT043.IDX and without deleting more, I can't burn the DVD.

Which files do I need to delete?

My other question is that I know to change the loading screen I need to delete the file in the BG folder named BGOPEN2, but do I need to name it that? What exactly should I name the file?

Thanks in advance.

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You can delete all the POI files.

Also yes you need to rename it BGOPEN2 that is the file that the system is programmed to load as the startup screen.

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