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  1. Custom Background Gallery

    New 06 Pathfinder
  2. HELP with custom backgrounds

    You can delete all the POI files. Also yes you need to rename it BGOPEN2 that is the file that the system is programmed to load as the startup screen.
  3. Problem with saving the ISO

    Go to limewire or some p2p software and downlaod an older version with the keygen or crack. Careful with the bullsh&t files that are viruses. make sure the .zip or .rar you are downloading is atleast a couple of megs.
  4. Custom Background Gallery

    Nice job... For the load up screen change the BGOPEN2.jpg image to yours and rename it BGOPEN2.jpg Have you seen a fix for the color distortion when you use your own images in the d2?
  5. Custom Background Gallery

    unfortunately i closed photoshop without saving the .psd file so i cant edit it. I put the burst behind the image because it was a rough cut cause of the low res image. so to hide the imperfections i created that effect.
  6. Custom Background Gallery

    Very Basic Hope its what you wanted...
  7. Custom Background Gallery

    Sorry Here is the right bg...
  8. Custom Background Gallery

    Here is One of them..
  9. I finally got mine to work... you need to delete the POI files in the dx folder it will make the .iso image about 4.2 GB instead of the 6.7 form the original DVD. Burn it on a DVD+RW or DVD+R disc with any .iso burning software. I used Disc Juggler and it worked.
  10. Custom Background Gallery

    Here is my first custom background... More to come soon...
  11. Custom Background Gallery

    How About a F-150 King Ranch one?
  12. Thanks... How About the Back Up Light Wire??? ANd yes my Truck does have the speed sensing radio.
  13. I am doing my D2 Install this weekend. I have already moved the blue antenna wire to the empty slot and now All i need to know is where do I connect my Speed Wire to? the manual says I need some sort of Additional Device. What do i do?