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Count Chocula

How do you SAFELY REMOVE THE PIN from the wiring harness?

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I have the F90BT, and have read just about every post on the PIN BYPASS.


I may be an idiot, but can someone PLEASE tell me how EXACTLY to remove the pin from the harness?


I understand the concept of removing and reattaching the wire, and I know which ones to move.


I've tried messing with it, but it always seems like I'm about to break something.




Thanks a lot, and this site is pretty freaking awesome!


The Count

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you want to pull from the top of the wire too....


I just did it today, really easy, dont go into the wire (where the wire goes in and out), go from the TOP of the wire.


Think of it in like, Forward, Top, Bottom, and Aft (back).


The Front is where the harness goes into the Unit, the Aft, is where the wires are going in and out, top is the top, and bottom is the bottom.


If you wiggle the wires front and aft you can see where its getting caught on the top of the harness....so you take a tiny ass screw driver or even untangle a paper clip, and then stick it down onto the TOP of the harness, and there ya go, it comes right out.


That should be detailed enough

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If you look at the pin closely, you can see that it's held it by a white tab and a little hook on the pin itself. You have to lift the white tab and pull the wire out, but not too aggressive. It's also not as hard as it seems, the first time i did it, I used a kitchen knife :lol: but any fine point that can get under the tab will do the trick.

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