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Hello all,


I have recently set up a complete car audio set up from amp to speakers.


I have component speakers in the front and composite speakers in the rear. I feel as if the car lacks some bass.


I was thinking of making my 6.5" composite rears act as subwoofers, forced to only play the bass. Is there any problem in doing so? Blow the speakers?


Am i just avoiding the inevitable, that I need real subwoofers?


Thank you,


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Just to inform you it is not composite speakers it is coaxial speaker. If you just make your rear speakers play bass it will not up the bass coming out it will just cut out the vocals. So you will have less sound, Why do you not just want to put a small sub in the car? Subs are ment to play bass your door drivers are only ment to play vocals and mid bass you will never get the low bass from them like you would from a subwoofer.

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