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Multiple Amp's/Higher Low Output Voltage

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Hey everyone! So im relavtively new to the forum, but i have found something that may solve alot of issues for some of you.


In this thread i propose a fix to problems plagueing Bose and Multi Amp User's And all it will cost you is $20.00 Shipped to your door.


I personally have a 98 Nissan Maxima.. Equiped with Bose.. (AKA BLOW-SE)


The volume even on MAXIMUM is too quiet for my liking, My Subwoofers amplifier's output is too dirty and the signal is distorted.


So, recently i was browseing on Flea-Bay for a good 6 channel Line driver to give my preouts a much needed voltage boost, and i stumbled across a product by Audio-Pipe.


Model Number: SPLIT-3003


This product is a 6 Channel Input (6 RCA's [Front, Rear, Subwoofer]) and 6 Channel TIMES 3 Output (Total of 18 RCA Outputs[Front, Rear, Subwoofer]). More than enough for any car audio enthusiast. It is also relatively Compact, i just managed to stuff it behind my Indash.


http://www.caraudiochannel.com/latest/a ... ifier.html


http://cgi.ebay.com/AUDIOPIPE-MULTI-AMP ... 286.c0.m14


This is an Splitter for amplifiers, and jacks the voltage of the preouts up to 4V instead of the lower line of indash's 2.2V and the upper lines 3.2V


I am not farmiliar with the actual Voltage of the upper-line's preouts, I own a AVIC-F700BT which has the 2.2V preouts and I can personally say... They Suck.


I installed this Product Literally Minutes Ago, and It works Fantastic. Clear Crisp Sound, At a Much More Pleasing Volume.




1. I would like to use multiple amps for my Subwoofers/Full Range Speakers/Mid-Bass but theres only 6 Channels of Pre-Outs


2. I Have Bose, and its jsut too quiet!


3. I Have Bose, and I would like to have multiple Amps for subwoofers midbass ect.


4. My Headunit puts out Lots of distortion or Noise out to the speakers (other than Alternator Whine)


I do alot of reading and from what i've gathered from another forum, strictly audio forum; is that 4-8 Volts is really the ideal voltage for Amplifiers.


Literally, i have a Kicker zX300.1 Amplifier and 2 crappy subs running from it right now, and after i installed this i had to turn my gain down almost entirely to keep the subs from overwhelming the Music. And that says alot, considering the speakers are ALOT louder now!


Anyways, my only hope is taht i have given some of you an option you were not aware you had. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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depending on what car you have with boses you need a special digitial harness to get your bose and airbag system to work. if you do not use it your bose system will be lacking sound and you have a chance for your air bags to deploy at any point in time or not deploy at all. It is called the rap system.

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