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Test mode on U310BT?

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Can someone please tell me if the GGV1345 could work for the F900BT/X910BT models?? I will burn an image and test it, but since I can not do this right now (and maybe just by next week) it would be good to know if anybody already tried it.


Service Manuals for F900BT/X910BT mentions either GGV1340 (US) or GGV1322 (EU), but unfortunately I wasn't able to find neither for download...


Besides that, does anyone know if it would be possible to unlock or change the DVD region number by using a Service Test Disk? I tried some mods on the WinCE but later I found out that the DVD mechanism is a RPC-2 type and it seems independent from the OS. I saw that both Head Unit from US and Europe have the same DVD part number, so I assume it should be possible to change the region some way, and probably by software... My hope is that a Service Disk would have such option!!

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service mode (aka testmode) for u310bt/f310bt/f320bt series is not same as others.

f700bt/f900bt/x710bt/x910bt/f70bt/f90bt are similar to each other and use their own test mode.

have a look int he F-series forums. There are several mods there, and most of them include the working testmode for this series..

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