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Voice recognition in Europe.

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I would understand that there's many languages in Europe, but i'm not against speeking english , is there any UK avic user's having the same problem ?

I mean if we choose the english as default languague for the system would it work ?


And after all, Pioneer is not a brand from "planet mars"... it is international, just look at the iphone 3Gs voice recognition, for exemple, it works in french...


anyone have an official solution

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I just bought the Avic F900BT ( uk model ) after researching many others brands and the thing that sold me on it is the voice recognition , but alas after installing i found out it dosent have it, im well cheesed off, English is English be it UK or states or Australia , so i dont see why it dosent have it , im still impressed by the unit, but it would have been the icing on the cake to have that feature, if anyone has found a fix for the UK model to have voice recognition would really appreciate is they can post it.


strange thing is when you go to the settings there is the option to add tts , just cant find the files for europe to add it

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It doesn't have it because thats not a feature Pioneer decided to support outside of the US. And are these units advertised as supporting VR in other countries other then the US? You guys need to call Pioneer about this. They are the ones that made the decision.

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