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F700 stolen 10/24/10

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They shorted the electrical system (jumped the starter battery lead to ground, popped fuses and breakers shutting everything off including the alarm), broke the back window and climbed in the slider. Had to be a little runt to fit through. Ripped the dash apart, unclipped the harness but ripped the other wires off the back of the unit. Left the XM and HD radio adapters as well as the back up camera. I'm unemployed so recently raised my deductible to $1000 and canceled the electronics and rental car coverage. The repair bill, not including replacement of the unit is $884, putting the stock stereo back in. I'm royally pissed, BUT they got experimental mods that are still buggy. They aren't going to be happy! Serial # 016015 if anyone runs across it. It's going to work screwy if you do. Oh yeah, they snitched my $15 4gb SD card too! Bastages!!! I'm glad I didn't put it back to stock like I was thinking about, let them try to figure it out.

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