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HDD unlocking FREE

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Hi I hope some one can help me I but a 80 gig drive from eBay to up date my z2 to z3 since I could not find the files. When I install the new drive I got a message saying " can not use HDD. Can any one tell me what going on.did I get a bad drive or a drive with no software on it. Or am I doing something wrong. This is what I did I took the old drive out and install the new one is there a step I am missing.

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So I think I have the japanese version (HRZ08) and while the test disk works...(it boots up) the menu system is all in Japanese (much like the entire unit not surprisingly), and the TRK buttons don't work to navigate the menu. Any ideas?


Nevermind - figured it out. Can't use the headunit buttons - have to use the remote.

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Pioneer AVIC HRZ 09


So far:


System Test Disc boots. 

Burned using Magic ISO Maker: Mode 1 & Finalize CD option selected.


As Shifter said, its all in Japanese and you must use the REMOTE! however the remote is in japanese and this instruction is difficult to follow:


6. Scroll down to option 9 "HDD FLG Set" with the 'PLIST DOWN' button - p. 214 manual and press 'MENU'

button to enter setting mode

7. At the "press POS to change flag" prompt, press the "MAP" button

8. Now the AVIC unlocks the hard disk

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question,. if you do not pre unlock a new/used non oem hard drive and insert it into the avic, will the unlock method still work? or is the drive toast after? 


meaning you would need to unlock the spare drive before? then clone , then add maps? i have a few older locked drives now, i tried disk ti disk clone... etc



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This is an old thread, but my Pioneer AVIC HD3BT is also old and has starting to acting weird and I suspect the harddrive needs to be replaced or fixed.

Can this unlocking method be used for swapping the harddrive with a new one? (Of course after I cloned the old disk into the new disk..)

Can I even put in larger disk? 

What about using a SSD disk?


The fault in my unit is that sometimes when I start playing a song, after a few second it would skip the song to the next. It can continue doing this for a few song from that album. If I play songs from an album I have put on later it works fine. I also had one time when the unit stopped playing anything from the harddrive. But after a few hours just listening to the radio, then the harddrive started to work again and it was back to normal. But from time to time it can still skip songs. Then I just have to stop using it for a period and it fixes itself somehow...

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