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Can you buy cables for the CD-Ib100II?

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I'm missing all of the cables for the CD-Ib100II module except the iPod cable itself. Is there any place these can be bought? I'm not familiar with this module or hooking it up. I was hoping to do the install of my Z2 this weekend and was reading through the install instructions and noticed that these cables are missing. The guy I bought it from is searching for them but I'm not sure he's going to "find" them.

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Well second issue..... I also have the CD-BTB200 Bluetooth module. It has the power cord for it but was clipped off short. Looks like it has a fuse on it from the factory? Anyone know what fuse that is?


Also, I never got a mic with the unit. I see there is a mic jack on the bluetooth module. Is this for the mic that comes with the AVIC Z2? Does anyone have a part # for that? I seen a few on ebay but some weren't manufactured by pioneer.

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