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How to set up Navi at home

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as licensed radio amateur i do have a couple 13.8v power supplies for my ham rigs i can use to power the avic when needed.


you will need a 12v power supply what can be a car battery or any 12v power supply what can deliver a couple amps as you won't connect any speakers to play music but just want to hack the avic.


use a couple probe leads with so called crocodile clips on it to hook them up to the power wires of the avic.


best to change the red / yellow wires on the avic power lead. this is well explained in the pioneer avic installation manual on chapter; Connecting the System, Connecting the power cord. in the eu pioneer avic-f710bt installation manual on page 10.


this will fire up the avic and the hacking can begin :mrgreen:

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