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  1. with a bit of searching you can find this http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/32763-avicnet-21-for-avic-f-series-working-obdii-updated-20140430/ instead of complaining...
  2. F900BT FULL EW BACKUP !!!

    @roverguy, well it's a rover and it's over... anyway your problem is probably disk full. go into testmode and try to delete some countries you will never visit to free up some disk space.
  3. Avic F900BT reboots

    most likely disk full
  4. bootlooping after update to 4.0

    did you use the original 4 update? if not, it might be that the "My Flash Disk" is full, try to boot in CE check your disk space and if one delete some countries you don't need. i got these reboots when i updated POI and had only about 6kb free disk space free...
  5. F900BT

    than you box is dead as i have done it on my f700bt a couple weeks ago and it work perfect...
  6. F900BT

    tried this; http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/30773-f900bt-full-ew-backup/page__fromsearch__1
  7. F700BT with the F900BT RCA cable possible?

    update; connected the F900BT RCA cable on my F700BT with no problems
  8. Primo for AVIC F series!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGIYGvDVBVM&feature=feedlik edit: this is in italian!
  9. How to set up Navi at home

    as licensed radio amateur i do have a couple 13.8v power supplies for my ham rigs i can use to power the avic when needed. you will need a 12v power supply what can be a car battery or any 12v power supply what can deliver a couple amps as you won't connect any speakers to play music but just want to hack the avic. use a couple probe leads with so called crocodile clips on it to hook them up to the power wires of the avic. best to change the red / yellow wires on the avic power lead. this is well explained in the pioneer avic installation manual on chapter; Connecting the System, Connecting the power cord. in the eu pioneer avic-f710bt installation manual on page 10. this will fire up the avic and the hacking can begin
  10. SD Cards

    working; transcend 2gb scandisk 2gb scandisk 8gb
  11. hi all, just a quick question about the RCA (video) cable of the F700BT i have misplaced that cable somehow and got a F900BT cable for use. now before i'm going to blow up something on my F700BT the question is; can i used the F900BT RCA cable with my F700BT? i know the F900BT cable has more RCA connectors like; front output (white lable) rear output (green lable) rear monitor output (yellow lable) these functions are not available on the F700BT many thanks,
  12. F900BT FULL EW BACKUP !!!

    installed on my avic-f700bt with success obrigado
  13. Windows 6 vs 5

    does the f series uses the x86 processors
  14. Upgrading to latest firmware F900BT EU Questions

    is that deck 2nd hand or brand new. if new then they should sell it with version 3 on it... or upgrade it in the shop for you. so i guess it's a 2nd hand deck. then good luck with the upgrades.