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A better knob for the X930BT

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I am finally working on the new knob for the X930BT. Keep an eye out for the announcement soon.

For those of you who do not know me, I am the maker of the better knobs for the F series and X series units. I have sold over 3000 knobs to date and counting.

The X930BT is a totally different knob in size than the F and the X.


Knobs should be ready in early November.


Thank you all for your support and kind messages!!!


The King of Knobs


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The X930BT is still sitting in it's box waiting for my installer to put it on the 28th. I'm not that patient, so I thought I would see if I could find some cool stuff to do to it before then. The knob is a bit on the small side for someone with big hands, like me. Do you have an anticipated ship date for the new knob? Thanks.

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I went to my local hardware store, not Home Depot but the old school Mom and Pop store where someone actually knows everything about everything in the store. I asked for a rubber grommet that had a inner diameter hole just slightly smaller than the Pioneer volume control knob. I stretched it over my volume control and now have great control over the volume control with an excellent tactile feel. With the grommet added, the outside diameter of the knob is now about 150% larger. A great solution for 59 cents and it looks good too. You'll have to measure the diameter of your AVIC knob, I don't have the dimensions with me as I wrtite this post.

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