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  1. I guess the word "platform" wasn't a good choice on my part. I meant to upgrade the firmware/maps/bluetooth from a X930 to a X940.
  2. That is a GREAT organized set of instructions on how to recover the password!! If you ever do (or have) updated your unit to the X940 platform, I'm sure others (as well as I) on here would love to see you do a similar set of instructions to accomplish that task. Either way, thank you for this one!!
  3. Can you give a link to the mic you bought off Ebay?
  4. Are the black and billet aluminum knobs the exact shape and size, just different colors?
  5. Mine came installed with the newest firmware.....I have nothing to compare it to....sorry.
  6. Firmware update for which model?
  7. Sounds like the culprit may very well be the non-functioning, yet hooked-up, ASWC.
  8. I have an iTouch 1st generation and it works perfectly with the 930.
  9. ThumperPup, do you also have your VSS wire hooked up with the bypass successfully working? I have the bypass working perfectly, but no matter what I do , I can't get "Speed Pulse" under the Connections Status menu to move off zero. 2006 Tacoma. Everything I've read says I have the right wire within the truck for the VSS. Could it be that both the bypass and "Speed Pulse" not work successfully together?
  10. Patiently waiting here also.....
  11. Ideas or thoughts from anyone? Are the "speed pulse" functions on the Connection Status menu and the 3D Calibration Status menu the same? Should they be reading the same?
  12. On the "3D Calibration Status" menu screen the speed pulse indicator seems to be working as it has worked its way up to 121. The speed indicator on this same menu also shows correctly my current speed and miles traveled also works along with the learning curves slowy progressing. Yet on the "Connection Status" menu screen, the speed pulse never moves off of zero even while driving. What am I missing here? Would the one speed pulse work without being hooked up to the correct wire?
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