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Better X910BT X930BT and X940BT Volume Knobs

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This has been described as the single best improvement you can make to your Pioneer AVIC.

A bigger knob for the X910BT, X930BT  and X940BT is finally here.
Please read below. All questions are answered. And feel free to contact me at the email below if you have any questions.

I also make a knob for the F series as well. Please see the F series forum or just look here. Info is the same.

Black Aluminum. Please click on the thumbnails below to see them. (You must login as a member to see the pics, if you are not an AVIC411 member signup is very simple and only takes a second)
They are knurled around the outer edge with a very grippy finish (please see the pics below) and work WAY better than the stock knob. I have sold over 3000 of these and EVERYONE LOVES them.
$22.00 including shipping and handling. 

How can I get one?:
Just paypal thomashohl@comcast.net. Please be sure and note which AVIC unit you have because I have knobs for all the other AVICs and it will delay your shipment.

How do they ship?:
We seem to have figured out the shipping now and have been having much better luck with the postal service. These ship from my shop in Houston, TX and can take from 5-10 days to arrive depnding on where you are located. If you do not receive anything in about 7-10 days PLEASE CONTACT ME AT THE ABOVE EMAIL. You will hear back from me and I will reship immmediately.

When will they start shipping?:
All knobs are in stock and ship the next business day. You should recieve a confirmation from me when I recieve your payment. If you dont please feel free to email me to check on your order.

How does it install?:
These knobs simply press on to the old knob. You simply pull off the old knob (it comes right off with a good pull) and press on the new knob, then reinstall the entire new knob onto your AVIC unit. Thats it!
Instructions are included. It takes 10 seconds to install. Thanks to an AVIC member we made the knob so that it could be removed if needed for anyone worried about sending the unit in for repair to Pioneer (although I have heard that Pioneer does not have a problem with the knob being on there for warranty work)



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Is the black one photoshopped in the pic?

Good catch :mrgreen: It is. I had to because the black ones were not back from the finisher yet when I took the pics. I will post actual pics when I get the knobs in today. Cant wait!!!

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