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European 2012 Q1 TeleAtlas/TomTom Maps - Complete Guide

Working installations  

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  1. 1. Do these 2012 maps work on your unit?

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Ok, finally i succeeded.

My way: 1. Backup. 2. Delete ezrider.exe , folder map, folder poi 3. copy ezrider.exe 4. add license file to license folder 5. copy map folder (only .fbl files) 6. copy poi folder ( but there was not enough space on disk. you can select only most important files or delete some voices as suggested).

Restart and all is running well.

Hope this can help those guys, who have problems.

My unit is a 910 bt with cnsd300fm, software 4.x .

Thanks to Bento for the map-files!

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Hi Guys, thanks to all who contributed. Just lurking and found your thread so thought Id give it a go :)

I was on ver3.0 updated a year or more ago, and wasnt looking forward to messing with it again to be honest.

But downloaded file and followed instructions and jobs a good un. So many thanks.

Havnt had chance to fully test yet, but one concern I have is I didnt notice comment previously about un-hiding files. I didnt do that??

Could someone please tell me which files / folders are likely to have been hidden, and i will copy over. The install took well over 20 mins so cant have missed much.

Only thing I would like now is an update of UK speedcams. I have my own as back ups, but very old and never go to spain, haha.

Also if i can contribute tell me how. I have all my original back ups - plus a few others.

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I have the teleatlas 2012 q2 files but was wondering where I can get the licences for them?

same here have q3 2012 but not with lic


I think it should work with the licence from the "Bento-files" because the license there is named GENERIC_iGO8_WorldWide@801Product.lic from 2008.

Please try it.

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Hi guys,


I am very new to AVIC - I bought from a friend an old F700BT that has the maps version 02000600 and firmware version 3021000. I would just like to update the Romanian map - Bucharest is showing 2 streets...and maybe 3/4 other countries. The problem is when GPS is loading it says naviteq (i do not know if they are the same maps suggested here) and also the download link is broken. Could you please help me with instructions- if is possible to update only one map or shoud I upldate all and download link as rapidshare is no longer available.


Thanks a lot!

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thanks to trulf


https://rapidshare.c...BACKUP 4.01.rar


dont forget to come back and let us all know how you get on


I am trying to download this file, but RS changed permissions policy and reports 'Download not available, Download permission denied by uploader'


Can somebody correct this or do an new upload, available for public downloading ?


Thanks in advance,



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