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Orange/White wire "To lighting switch terminal" to which wire on my harness?

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I'm using a Metra 70-2002 harness to connect to my stock Saturn SC2 harness. From the Pioneer manual it has one Orange/White wire "To lighting switch terminal.". But the Metra color code has two wirea I guess it could be, "Illumination - Orange" and "Dimmer - Orange/White."


I've tried connecting the AppRadio's Orange/White to both the Orange and Orange/White wires of the Metra harness but it seems that the backlight on the radio only comes on when I turn the headlights off. When I turn them on the radio gets so dim it's barely visible.


Any ideas which is the correct wire? And is the stock brightness supposed to be as low as it seems?



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So i am using this in my shop. Will i have lights if i dont hook up orange/ white at all? Since im running this off of 110--> 12v power source..i havent run into this issue before this particular unit running in this configuration.

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