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X930BT Micro-SD card max size

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Out of curiosity, what's the max size card this unit can handle? I have to recover it from a password protect (bought it used and didn't get the password...) and I need to load the files to a card to boot it up with to recover the password. All I have at the moment is a 32gb on hand and haven't tried it; it isn't installed in thr truck yet. Just need to know if I need to buy a smaller 8gb or something.


Browsing the manual PDF on my phone, it doesn't mention anything about card capacity it can handle (screen shot below), before anyone just says "read the manual..."


Thanks :)


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I bought a 64GB for upgrade... the default factory version (3.00000) wouldn't read it..  partitioned the micro SD card into a 32GB FAT partition, put the update code on it, updated and it worked..

Then repartitioned to a native 64GB, and it works...


so theres that

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The manual doesn't say, but I tried both 64GB and 32GB and the 32GB was as big as I can get mine to read.

Also note that there's some kind of limit to the number of entries in the root directory.  I had over 200 folders (Albums) and it would only read through about the first half of them and would never see the rest.  I ended up combining them in folders like A-D, E-J, K-P etc. and that works.

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