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  1. Aha radio & Android functions after 930 to 940 upgrade

    none; with the 940 firmware it talks to the radio via bluetooth Pandora works like it should, but the sound quality is garbage... also, just as an update, I just got a new (to me) phone, an LG Lucid running ICS, and installed the Aha app which has definitely updated since the last time I used it. FaceBook works now, but still no preset Slacker stations are showing up...
  2. So just yesterday I updated my X930BT to the 940 firmware. Everything seems to be working great so far. Bluetooth pairs and works great; Pandora functions like it should, and Aha connects as well. However, when Aha Radio connects, I'm only shown 4 default presets; Hotels, Traffic, Coffee, Hungry I have 12 other presets saved in Aha on my Android power phone (rooted HTC Thunderbolt btw) through Slacker radio, and even Facebook, but none of them show up on my presets on the unit in the truck. Is this just all the capability Aha radio has with Android? Am I missing a step or a setting somewhere? Anyone else in the same situation?
  3. Upgrading a X920/X930 to X940 Instructions

    dude it's ridiculously easy, just takes time to download the update and install it to the unit; the process itself is EXTREMELY simple now though! yes, modding with a hex editor is little more difficult, but as long as you follow the instructions posted here in the forms it really isn't all that difficult. I've never messed with a hex editor before, but after some reading I was able to removed the "caution: screen may be reversed" text from my backup camera AND bypass the navigation caution nag screen; was actually more simple than it looked! Thanks to guys like pionara, all these mods are getting easier and easier
  4. x940BT Service Information menu

    did you try it a few times? for some reason it took me about 4 times to touch the right spot, but once you find it it works. you have to hold it for about 3 full seconds X930BT with 940 firmware, but same thing
  5. This works great on an X930BT updated to the 940 firmware using super testmode, thanks! I don't suppose there's a way to make the text area larger so that you could put a few more letters?
  6. aha radio question

    same thing here... I updated my x930bt today and when I launch Aha, all that shows up is hotels. traffic, coffee, and hungry. I have 12 other presets in Aha via Slacker as well as Facebook. this wouldn't have anything to do with the advanced app functions that are only with the iPhone, would it? Pandora is okay, but I've been using Slacker for almost two years now with an upgraded paid account, and I've really come to like it...
  7. Upgrading a X920/X930 to X940 Instructions

    yup, super easy method works great, and it's, well, easy http://avic411.com/i...300#entry259388
  8. Just did it on my X930BT without a single hiccup Downloaded the update via torrent and unzipped it's contents into a folder. Downloaded the updated VERINFO.DAT file and put it in the \Update directory of the unzipped files, replacing the previous file in the folder. Then placed the 3 files on the SD car; FIRMWARE folder, Update folder, and CARDINFO.cif Powered the unit up, popped in the SD card, and within about 5 seconds it picked it up and asked to start the update. That update process took about 20 minutes Once that's done the unit reboots and finishes updating After that, you're greeted with language setup options Once that's done, the update is complete! By the way, if you're using a custom start up splash screen (as I am), you will not see any 2012 Pioneer splash screen for confirmation, because you're custom one is still going to show, so don't freak out when that doesn't show up upon the unit rebooting, lol. After you go through the language setup, it's going to ask to do the update again. If you don't want to sit there for another 20 minutes, hit no... To update the bluetooth firmware, go into your settings menu Go into the bluetooth settings menu, and scroll to the bottom where you'll find the firmware update option Press it and it'll show you your current firmware and under that will be the option to update it Once that's pressed, you're prompted with one more confirmation of the update showing you version info of what you're currently running and what's going to be installed Hit yes and wait for it to update; takes about 3 or 4 minutes to complete Once that's done, you'll have the new app connection option for bluetooth or wired connection Pair to your Android phone (which you will have to do over again since you updated the bluetooth firmware which erased any stored phones) and you'll get a new list of options in you sources! And for final proof of the successful update Thanks for all the info and help everyone has given; this forum rocks!
  9. that's fine, that's all I want thanks!
  10. is it still recommended to back up the user folder before beginning? downloading the firmware now; going to knock this out tomorrow I took my buddy to the tire shop today to pick up his truck that he was getting new tires put on and he plugged his iPhone into my X930BT, and I want all that stuff that showed up when using my Andriod looks super easy; MUCH easier than I thought it was going to be! will report back on success (or failure, but LET'S HOPE NOT!!!)
  11. Better X910BT X930BT and X940BT Volume Knobs

    Do these completely cover up and block the lighted ring around the factory knob? If not, does anyone have a pic of the unit at night to show how much it does or doesn't?
  12. dammit, now I don't know if I want to just remove the message completely, or put something like that, lmao I wouldn't even show it to anyone that was riding with me, I'd just wait until they seen it and were like "wtf?"
  13. [X930BT] - Password Recovery (obsolete)

    Okay, let's simplify this a little more; might help some others. Pictures have always helped me out in situations like this, so let's do this. Working with an X930BT in this how-to. Read all of these instructions all the way through before attempting it. First off, you'll need a micro SD card; size isn't extremely important, the size of the files you'll be putting on it are less than 14mb, just choose one that your unit can support if it has a size limitation. In this instance I used a 32gb the first time around, but I'll be using a 16gb in the photos below; again, it really doesn't matter as long as it's at least 14mb, and I think the smallest you can get is 2gb now anyway and they're only like $5, lol. Next, you'll need to download the files required to booth the unit into testmode. In the original post there's a link to another thread which has about 5 different download links in it, and I know that can get confusing... The one you want is the HACKMODE v1.4 BASE. Click on that link and you will download the .zip file containing the files you need. Once the download is complete, unzip the contents onto your micro SD card. The .zip file is password protected and when you go to extract the files it will prompt you for the password. The password is "avic411" (without the "" obviously...) The files should be place in the root of the card, not in another folder on the card. I'm not sure if it's required (although it probably is) but have nothing else on the card at the time. The only thing that should be on the micro SD card are the files located in the .zip that you downloaded. At this point, it's time to make your way to the password protected unit with the micro SD card you just place the files above into. With the unit powered off (key in the OFF possession, or just no power supplied if your doing this out of the vehicle), load the card into the device. Power the unit on and wait for it to boot, at which point it should boot into testmode. Once in testmode, on an X930BT, and I would imagine it would be the same for all of the X9X0BT series, the only buttons and actions that will be needed to navigate the screens are the following: *HOME - escape/cancel/go back *MODE - enter/select *Volume down (left) - move selection on screen down *Volume up (right) - move selection on screen up I CANNOT STRESS HOW STRONGLY I RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT MESS WITH ANY OTHER FILES IN HERE IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!! IT IS VERY EASY TO BRICK YOUR UNIT USING TEST MODE!!! I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU SCREW THINGS UP; YOU ARE DOING THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! Move the selection on the screen down to #11, File Maintence Press MODE and you will enter the File Maintence screen Now select User and open it Now select System and enter it Now go to security and enter it The only thing on the screen at this point is Password, so enter it There is only option on this screen that you you are concerned with here, a text dump. You do not have to move the selection around, just press MODE to perform the text dump, and VIOLA, the password that the unit is locked with is displayed near the top left of the screen! (I've blurred my password out here for obvious reason) Write this password down (unless is something you can remember), then just back out of all the menus using the HOME key until you get the the first screen, at which point you can power the unit off and remove the SD card. With the card removed, power the unit back up and enter your recovered password when prompted, and enjoy If you're not going to remember the password you just recovered, I'd suggest changing it. Take a look in the owners manual for those instructions. Hope that helps everyone a little more! by the way, I think this thread should become a sticky...
  14. Upgrading a X920/X930 to X940 Instructions

    Well I had that assumption too, but wasn't 100% sure if the maps were going to be updated as well. To tell you the truth, I don't use the Nav a whole lot, but that's a bonus, lol. I know I read about VR not working right; again, no issue with that, that's something else I don't use Read through this thread once quickly, so I'm about to read through it one more time and get everything in line before I dive in; the LAST thing I want to do is brick this unit; I just put it in and as it is being a 930, it's a BAJILLION times more awesome than D3 it replaced
  15. Upgrading a X920/X930 to X940 Instructions

    no one? if this give my 930 Aha Android access then I'd like to get this done this week.