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testmode and firmware 4.01 ?

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the testmode file does not work with my avicf940.

testmode on SD (fat32), I turn on the pioneer. It boot

normally, and nothing else! not testmode!

the SD is not an issue because I ais installed a screen to boot with this SD (pictures)


or is the problem?


Thank you

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seti it does not matter. if you put it in before startup, it will boot into testmode. if you insert it after the unit is running, the unit will recognize it, and restart into testmode



Thank s very much pionara

It works perfectly, but as I do to back up critical files ? How to "enter" menu a save ? file save ?

Thank you


look -->



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I do not understand why I was advised not to try to remove the warning screen GPS (GPS at startup)

I just passed without any problems and update proposed by radio pioneer


(update improves FM radio reception. 8.02 to 8.03.)





simply remove this warning is really very complicated? ...

ais I read all the tutorials forum, no tutorial does not explain clearly how important saved files avicf940bt.

it there's videos on youtube but for F40bt the F40bt has buttons that suplémentaire avicf40 did not.

if somebody can explain how to backup my important files avicf940bt, I could try to remove this warning screen to start the gps

thank you

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