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Avic F930BT Speed Cameras

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After hours of trawling the web and no further forward, I though I'd try here


How to you enable the speed cameras to display on the screen? I've downloaded a file and put it on my Micro SD card, confirmed the installation of 'blackspot' files but cannot see anything showing POI's for Speed Camera


I'm in the UK if that helps anyone?


Thanks folks!



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As far as I'm aware they don't... I have the F30BT and with the POIBase camera black spots you just got an audible warning when approaching safety cameras. That said I gave up with POIBase and now use Cameralert on my phone which has a far better database, it links via BlueTooth and I don't need to use it with maps because you can customise the timing of the warning given... It's also cheaper than POIBase for the annual database subscription which is updated almost weekly.

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