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What medium are you playing it from?  ipod, SD etc?  If it's an ipod it should play just fine as the ipod is converting it a plain audio, if it's SD etc, then I can understand why as I doubt any HU can convert it... if so, then just convert to something else like flac or just plain ol mp3.  :cool:

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Nope. iTunes uses ALAC for lossless. If you have Flac files you have to use a converter to import them into iTunes. I use FlacTunes, available from the App Store. 


If you have tunes in ALAC, the best workaround I have right now is to export the music using Playlist Export (app) and then use XLD (app) to convert ALAC to FLAC. 

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Beyond audio bitrates, I find there is a difference between listening to low quality .mp3 (even if ripped at 320 which is the new max that iTunes will do) and listening to FLAC if you have a quality setup.  I'm running Focal mids and tweets with a JL amp and 12" JL sub.  I can diffentitely hear the difference.  I ripped all of my music to Apple Lossless (Apple's proprietary FLAC) for my iPod Classic and straight FLAC for my USB flash drive. 


Alot of people debate this, but in my experience there's a difference.  If you want a good converter check out dBpowerAmp.  I rarely buy software, but their software is truly top notch, especially for batch conversion.  I use it all the time.

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Thats great but we are talking about getting apple lossless to play on the pioneer nex

Get and connect an iPod.  I believe iPhones support apple lossless, too.  Other phones may support ALAC with a media player app, but not sure about the NEX supporting the playback via the app through USB.


Using other forms of media storage (flash drive, hard drive, SD, CD, DVD), you'll have to convert to FLAC.

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