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4000NEX - No Sound

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I'm installing a 4000NEX into a 2015 Subaru WRX. I have the parking brake bypass, ASWC, and Radio wired into a Metra harness. The stereo turns on fine, I get HD radio quickly, but I can't get any sound out of the speakers. I've moved the fader around and still nothing. I've tripple checked the wiring and it seems the speaker wiring is correct. There is no factor amp in the car.


Does this sound like a bad HU? Or is there something messed up with my wiring?

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How we supposed to tell from here...



Could be either...



Or both...



Or something else... :)

I'm just wondering if it seems like an obvious issue that I'm overlooking. I honestly don't think it's the wiring. I've checked that all the connections are landed to the right place. All the joints are soldered and then wrapped with heat shrink. The stock stereo works fine. I'm leaning towards the 4000NEX being faulty, but just trying to see if there are any other ideas before I send it back.

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