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My Mustang Backgrounds

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I don't have my D3 in yet (probably tomorrow), but I've already started on some Mustang backgrounds. I used two different carbon fiber patterns: one from the Roush web site and one from Shelby.


Anyone want to try these out and see if they look okay?


I have access to other hi-res Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Aston Martin logos too. Let me know if you want those logos on this background.


Ford.jpg Ford2.jpg FordRacing.jpg FordRacing2.jpgMustangGlare.jpg MustangPony1.jpg MustangPony2.jpg MustangPony3.jpg2005ConceptPony2.jpg 2005ConceptPony.jpg Tribar2.jpg Tribar.jpg1994GT2.jpg 1994GT.jpg 2005GT2.jpg 2005GT.jpgMach1.jpg Roush2.jpg Roush.jpg Cobra2.jpg Cobra3.jpg Cobra4.jpgCobra5.jpg Cobra6.jpg Cobra.jpg


TMS1.jpg TMS2.jpg TMS3.jpgTMS4.jpg TMS5.jpg TMS6.jpg PSHBadge.jpg PSHShaker.jpg

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I have an N3 on my mustang. Are these the same resolution that will work for an N3? Also, which backgrounds can you change on an N3? The D1 and D2 backgrounds have navigation loading on them? Where is this on an N3? Thanks.

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Got my d3 in and I am using one of your backgrounds currently but was wondering if you would be willing to make a few others.


One with the carbon fiber and "SVT" on it

One with just the snake on it

One with just the word "cobra" on it

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