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2006 Honda Accord wire diagram?????

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Speed Sense blue/white ECM/PCM

Notes: The ECM/PCM is on the front of the transmission tunnel. The connectors are on the

passenger side. On the 4 cylinder models the VSS wire is in the white 31 pin connector E, pin 26.

On the 6 cylinder models it is in the gray connector A, pin 11.

Brake Wire white/black + brake pedal switch

Parking Brake green/orange - top of fuse box, large

white plug


Radio 12v white/green + radio harness

Radio Ground black - radio harness

Radio Ignition yellow/red + radio harness

Radio Illumination red/black + radio harness

Factory Amp Turn -on N/A

Power Antenna yellow/green + radio harness

LF Speaker +/- green/black - lt. green +, - radio harness

RF Speaker +/ - green/yel - gray or


+, - radio harness

LR Speaker +/ - blue/white - blue/black +, - radio harness

Notes: On some models the LR speaker wires are blue - pink.

RR Speaker +/- pink - blue/yellow +, - radio harness

Notes: On some models the RR speaker wires are lt. green - purple.

hope this helps

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thanks for the response. for the 4cyl model, it says its on the passenger side. what do i start taking apart and look for? also, where is the brake wire? do i even need to connect the brake wire?

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there should be a plastic panel (triangular in shape) that you can remove that's connected to the center console on the passenger side. once you've removed that you will see the ecu (ecm, pcm whatever you call it). the wires will be there you might have to pull the carpet a little to get to the wires. as for the brake wire why don't you just do the bypass you will need to ground the brake wire. food for thought, if you are using the OEM kit for the replacement pocket underneath the factory radio, you will need to play with the mounting brackets as if you don't the radio will start out pretty far and you will not be able to use the pioneer dash trim (if not used you will have gaps on the sides, but an easy way to stash money and coins...could be used as a piggy bank!)

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