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Password AVH-X8650BT

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hi there.. i am having the same problem for my pioneer avh x8650bt, i just changed my battery and now its asking me for a password with hint: name

as far as i know, i never put any password on my unit and the second problem is that on the touchscreen keyboard, the bottom line (spacebar, enter key etc) not working.

Have you been able to fix yours?

Any help plz?

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Having the same problem , And tried all tricks but nothings worked for me , spent lot of money on eBay without success ( Password, tested..) , last chance is to buy the soft and change the internal SD, it's cost 85 USD and the fix on pioneer shop is 100 USD, will see.


If someone found a solution please share 

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I just got done resetting the password from an inherited unit from a person who is now deceased!!! :-(  I can't beleive that there are folks on ebay who charge up to $26 for this knowledge!!!  This worked for my unit, AVH-4000NEX, but according to the EBAY auctions,  should also work for many other models as well.


First, I tried hitting the "reset button" located along the front faceplate, towards the bottom right.  This didn't work.  This would have been too easy, and even the manual states that it doesn't clear everything.  Then after doing a bit more research, I discovered that one can actually retireve the password, by first putting the unit into factory service mode and then reading an actual ASCII text password file.  After not being able to navigate to directory that contains the password file, I noticed and tried successfully by performing a factory reset.
First, go Here and build a set of boot files required to put your unit into factory service mode:
Keep everything defaulted except for the following two:
testSubMode=Serv Mode.  
Your corresponding readme.txt file should look like the following:
Your SDCard Password is LKPFeD4BcVzESR2Y
The password was set to LKPFeD4BcVzESR2Y
set Boot Mode ullaunchmode to 0 (Default:Normal) at 4
set Launch Mode ullaunchmode to 1 (TestMode.apk) at 8
set Test SubMode to 1 (Serv Mode) at 12
set Boot Image Side Flag ulbootimageflag to 0 (Default:Side A) at 16
set Recovery Image Flag ulrecoveryimageflag to 0 (Default:Side A) at 20
set Debug Switch uldebugswitch to 0 (Default:Disabled) at 24
set USB OTG Switch ulusbotgswitch to 0 (Default:Host Mode) at 28
set Mem Check Flag ulmemchkflag to 0 (Default:no) at 32
set Sub Boot Mode sbspinfo.ulupdatesubflag to 0 (Default:Side A) at 36
set WARP!! sbspinfo.ulupdatesubflag to 2 (Default:Enable Warp) at 40
set Update Flag sbspinfo.ulupdateflag to 0 (Default:Recovery-Update) at 44
set Update Sub Flag to 0 (Default:SD Card) at 48
set UI Update  Flag to 0 (Default:non-updating) at 68
CRC32 applied to warp Disabled image.
CRC32 applied to warp Enabled image.
CRC32 applied.
Put an empty thumb drive into your computer.  Save all of the files over to the thumb drive, by hitting on each file, one at a time.  The files that do not open with a "save' dialog window, do not need to be saved, ex. readme.txt, SD*.txt.
If you can't find the page above, or don't want to build your own set of files, here's a rar compressed set that I had generated and used for my unit.  I would imagine that these should work for most AVH units.  Please feel free to grab them.
The port that you need to plug the thumb drive into is "port 1".  On my unit, AVH-4000NEX, it is the top rear port.  
Power up the unit.  You should first see the password page, then after a little more time, the service menu.  Scroll down, select and execute "factory reset".
Voila, "Factory Fresh Unit"!!!
No more password.  Factory reset to the point that you first need to select your language, etc.
I hope that this help you save the time and effort that I went through and/or throwing out $$$ to pay some greedy person on Ebay, most likely for exactly the same thing.
Please post to this forum if this worked for you as well, as I would love to know that I helped other folks with this same exact issue.
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the file still without working.

The SD Card have an AVH-X8850BT from latin america pioneer, this file was deleted, but i habe one copy yn my HDD,.

myy mistake was a downgrade to 1.05 firmware, because the head unit rebootin constantly, the proble was the positive terminal from the battery stil loose after the fabricant Replace it, by warranty, i note dthat because in mone time the car off, when i try to goes on.


I thight the positive terminal but, the head unit still rebooting, I upgrade to te 1.06v, and caleibrate the ddisplay, without need it, but  the head unit not rebooting after.


I remember the code, is numeric, but the problem is the keyboard are off of calibration. mi memoory image is like this and i don´t know if is correct.


I  feel something are wrong.

Formated slow at FAT32 decompressing RAR file, an copy at USB.


when trying to open the * .img file it mentions that it is damaged.



NOTE: the SD Card is in the head unit with and AVIC16 Software.





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Hi Guys, 

It did not work for me after downloading this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0xp6roa4xnq0zr2/PioneerAVH4000FactoryService.rar?dl=0

need help to unlock the password. The hint is “code”




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