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Audio cuts out when my Hids power on automatically...

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have the z110bt installed in my 09 Sierra, using pac 0s-4. Problem im Getting is that, as soon as my truck switches from day mode to night mode (when the lights automatically go on if its dark outside.... my sound and subs will completely cut out... the deck is still on... but the sounds cuts out  i tried everything battery pulls, checking wiring, im not sure what the problem is anyone have any ideas?



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so after some testing it seems like the problem is with my HIDS, when i unplug them, and attempt to recreate the situation it doesnt happen, not sure what this means, but maybe a relay will fix it?


Try disconnecting your HU's day/night sensor wire (orange/white). Does it work with the HIDs on?  It might not be your HIDs but instead you've tapped to the wrong wire. I use my tail lights, not headlights (mainly because it was easier for me). However I seem to remember aftermarket HIDs causing problems with these units. I think VBlue42 had some info.

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