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Need a how-to on updating maps for F700bt

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Hi I have recently bought a car with a AVIC F700bt (UK). I was hoping to update the maps. 


I couldnt really find a definitive guide on how to this. My system has got pioneers 3.021 firmware on it. I believe this is the latest firmware for my system?


There are various TELE ATLAS (TOMTOM) MAPS to get but im unsure what I need to do with the files. Not sure if there is different ways on installing different maps? Also do I need a specific type of map. (Ideally would like to get the latest one)


could some one please be kind enough to help plz. I have tried searching and I have picked up lots of info on modding the system. But thought Id update the maps first then do back up and then try modding.

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Thanks Guizmo



Really appreciate your help


Guizmo I was looking at this thread       http://avic411.com/index.php?showtopic=16920


which is abut adding launch buttons. I really like this idea as it will make the pioneer much more user friendly. I was thinking I would backup my pioneer like how you have written in your thread and then I was thinking I would change my data.zip to the data.zip on the thread which has all the mods. But as I was reading through the post it stated that the data.zip was on firmware 2.0. Where as I have the latest firmware which I believe is 3.0 i think? So would this data.zip not be a good idea for me to use.


If so how can I edit my data.zip to get some of the mods in that thread such as quick launch button, cleaned up boxes on navigation screen etc

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