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AVH-4100NEX / Siri - Bluethooth Issue

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Just had my new AVH-4100NEX professionally installed and all seems to works great except when I activate Siri or try to make a phone call.


When I activate Siri I can see that she is working but I can’t hear what she is saying.


The same happens when I make or receive a call on my phone the person on the other end can hear me perfectly but I cannot hear them.


I have used Bluetooth with a Plantronics headset in the past so I know that it works. 


I have tried every setting I can think of using.  I even tried to make calls in Bluetooth only without plugging in the lighting cable which is the official Pioneer lighting cable I might add but that does not work either.


I have an iPhone 5s and am using iOS 8.4.


I did have the bypass installed but have not added the HDMI which I don't think would be a problem.


Any help or suggestions (besides getting rid of my iPhoneJ) would be a great help.

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Do you have the microphone that came with the NEX plugged in or are you trying to make calls through the factory microphone?  I had the same problem when I first installed my 4000NEX because I didn't have the mic that came with the NEX plugged in.  I installed it and have had no problems using siri or making calls through carplay.

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Thanks all...Punch you are awesome!!!  This was the issue...took it back to my installer and he corrected it.  He even verified that he would never had thought about it based on the wiring harness.   Works great now...it was driving me crazy trying to figure it out!!!

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Let me know if I should make a new topic, but I'm having the same issue on a 4000NEX.


My 4000NEX is running off RCAs to a Focal America 6-channel amp.  The factory harness and wiring isn't used, other than for the rear speakers.


My setup is bi-amped on the front and deck power to the rear speakers:


Deck front RCAs to splitters.  Amp channels 1+2 are for my front tweeters, 3+4 are for my woofers.

Deck rear RCAs aren't connected to anything.

Deck sub RCAs go to bridged 5+6 for subwoofer.


No crossover is set in the deck, it is all on the amp side.


Prior to iOS 8.4, my Siri, calls, and music sounded great.  However, since 8.4, Siri and calls sound terrible, unintelligible actually.  Music is still good.  The siri & call issues occur over both bluetooth and USB.


Any ideas as to what might be going on?  Or a better setup?  


I'd love to dump the splitters, but I don't think the 4000NEX has the ability to run in a true bi-amp configuration.  I.e. use 4 RCAs for my front tweeters + woofers.

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