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  1. So I’m sitting in a position where I have a dead AVIC-4000NEX and a working one. I’m going to factory reset the working one and try to backup its internal SD card and see if I can at least post a checksum here. Hopefully the checksum will be the same as the existing downloads floating around after its factory reset. if anyone wants to retweet this: Maybe we can push some pressure on Pioneer to release official images.
  2. I just downloaded the F60 version, but unfortunately it's a password protected rar file. Does anyone know where the password might be? Edit: found the password here: It is 4pda
  3. Let me know if I should make a new topic, but I'm having the same issue on a 4000NEX. My 4000NEX is running off RCAs to a Focal America 6-channel amp. The factory harness and wiring isn't used, other than for the rear speakers. My setup is bi-amped on the front and deck power to the rear speakers: Deck front RCAs to splitters. Amp channels 1+2 are for my front tweeters, 3+4 are for my woofers. Deck rear RCAs aren't connected to anything. Deck sub RCAs go to bridged 5+6 for subwoofer. No crossover is set in the deck, it is all on the amp side. Prior to iOS 8.4, my Siri,
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