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2012 Nissan Frontier with base single CD needing VSS help.

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Hello all, 


Apologies to the forum for busting in here with my first post asking a favor without the ability to offer help to the community.  I have searched FSM's on NICO and ClubFrontier, but I'm still unclear about this confounding VSS wire.


So, there's a light blue wire in the OE stereo harness.  Some say I can wire to that, while others say unless I had the speed sensitive volume control (like on the Rockford Fosgate system) that's the wrong wire.


Others state I have to look for a light blue wire on the instrument cluster plug.


Also, am I splicing into it (piggy backing with a Scotch lock) or removing the pin from (either) harness?  I can't imagine it wouldn't just be a piggyback.


TIA, great forum, looking forward to participating here.

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Hi HeavyDuty,


Do you have a led measuring thing? or scope?

It's also possible to check the vss signal true the pioneer navigation, under settings and system you can find gps status and also speedsensor.

Just check the wire and if it's the right one it's better to solder the wire instead of scotch locks.

Hope it helps you a bit

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