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Just installed my camera and running into a problem.  When the car is off (but the key is in position 2) or if the car is running and my Note 3 is not connected, the camera works as expected, i.e. when in reverse or when I tap the button on the main screen.  When the phone is connected the to radio, the camera will display a distorted, completely unusable image.  So it seems there's a problem with the phone working while the camera is on.


I would have thought it might be a grounding issue but the problem happens when the phone is connected via Bluetooth, as opposed to the HDMI connection. Has anyone run into this situation? 

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The Pioneer website mentions two patches; 8.17 and 8.30.  The first one is for the camera (which I already have installed) and the second one is only for iPhone 5 compatibility.  Looks like that's not the solution.


Thanks for the post though!

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