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  1. What version of firmware are you running? There was a patch for issues where a reversing camera was plugged in.
  2. Miracast with the screenbeam Mini 2. Samsung phones are very fussy about which miracast dongles they will work with. Chromecast is more complicated as you have to set a hotspot up on your phone and have an internet connection whenever you start it up.
  3. If you are an Android user then look at these threads as there are mainly Apple users on here. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2451980 http://forum.xda-developers.com/general/paid-software/android-4-0-root-appradio-unchained-t2955966
  4. You need the same cable be it the 2 or 3 if you want full mirroring. Mirrorlink does not do full mirroring and neither will ARU/R (ARLiberator is a dead app now) work with it. Neither HU has the power to successfully charge an S5 whilst using it, so both require an external power supply to the phone. Basically the bluetooth streaming for music when you don't want to mirror is the only real worthwhile difference.
  5. Basically those are the main difference, and no, you cannot use the 3 firmware on the 2.
  6. The address book issue is only present if you have a very high number of entries in there. Although if you tick the option to turn off/on bluetooth option in ARU on start up it often fixes it.
  7. Its been done all the time right from the AppRadio 2 onwards, so surprised you didn't find loads of info. Mind you it has been more by the Android people who go the opposite way in getting rid of the restrictive US firmware, for the EU one. This means you don't need a handbrake bypass for full screen mirroring which is much more common with Android users. So, if you just use the basic, restrictive Pioneer features then worth looking at. However, if you have freed up your experience with the likes of AppRadio Unchained on Android, then be warned you will then need a handbrake bypass device if you go from EU to US firmware.
  8. shortcuts on main screen

    Don't know as I have an Android phone where you don't need to go through such annoyment.
  9. shortcuts on main screen

    No, there isn't, they are fixed on the firmware.
  10. Wire in a hidden cigarette lighter to the car then. Would only take 30 minutes to do.
  11. No it isn't, if you understand even the basics. The module plugs into the HDMI device you have, be it MHL / Slimport or whatever which passes through the charge to the phone. It doesn't plug into the phone directly unless you are using a wireless connection like Miracast. The reason that Pioneer did what they did was to protect the HU and why their kit includes a separate power supply. You are slating them for your lack of understanding.
  12. SPH-DA02 and ANDROID

    DA-100 is the first Android compatible unit I believe.
  13. Possibly, I wouldn't though. I'd go from the fusebox or battery with appropriate fuses.
  14. Something like http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-DC-Converter-Module-12V-To-5V-3A-With-Micro-USB-Output-Power-Adapter-15W-/361245253046?hash=item541be51db6is what is needed.
  15. The USB port on the AppRadio 2 is limited in the power it can supply, Wire in a car battery fed charger if you don't have a cigarette lighter to charge it from. You aren't going to get a positive charge from the HU.