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step by step for nag screen/parking brake hack z140bh - other questions?

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Brand new here and have to say this place is awesome...........very glad I found a resource for my many questions and hopefully fixes to several annoying issues with my Pioneer unit, AVIC Z140BH. 


Bought a used Nissan Frontier that came with this unit installed. Great sound, happy with the bluetooth for my iPhone talk and music. Beyond that it has some serious drawbacks.........I have been rooting around reading a lot of posts making as much sense as possible but frankly coming up kind of short.


The start/boot up time is way long, then you get all the annoying warnings you must touch you way out of.......

Really want to be able to shut off the screen without stopping the truck. It is insanely bright at night no matter how you adjust the screen settings. 

Also wondering if there is a way to calibrate the navigation timing?? Cross streets almost always cross on the screen after I have actually pased them on the road. Is that just the way it is, and you live with it is there an adjustment?

When I load up an D card with music  cannot find a decent way to navigate it..........ultimately I abandoned it and go with radio or bluetooh iphone. 


With no clear understanding of what I have been reading about how to employ the software hacks I am very much hoping someone can/could point me to some simple easy to understand and execute steps to remove the nag screen and parking brake warning via a software hack. I have no stomach for pulling this thing out of the dash for a hardware hack...... 


thanks in advance!


2013 maps and 5.1 firmware [thanks to a great post I found here!]





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Any reason you didn't just upgrade to the 2015 software?


The "nag screen" patch is covered in all threads. AFA parking brake bypass, AFAIK that software hack isn't supported with recent versions of the software (guessing since 2012). The best solution is to do the physical bypass - move 1 wire and ground it. Done - forever.

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